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Games are becoming more and more realistic, epic and entertaining. For the ultimate experience, however, you need real computing power so that modern PC games run smoothly. In this guide, PC is going to show you how to build the perfect gaming PC from scratch. You save money by not buying a finished PC and have more fun building it!

Before we dive deeper into it, let’s first look at the basics. Below are the parts you need to make a complete gaming PC.

The Processor:-

Your processor – the CPU or the central processing unit – is the heart of your computer. It is responsible for most of the processes your computer performs. For gaming PCs we recommend an AMD or Intel CPU of the latest generation with at least six cores.

While AMD is very competitive in the current processor market due to its aggressive pricing, Intel is still dominating the gaming market. Your high-end CPUs achieve higher clock rates. This is exactly what the modern gamer needs. If you build your own PC, over-clocking your CPU could also be of interest to you.

Random Access Memory (RAM):-

We’ll explain what RAM is here, but how much of it do you need for gaming? The ‘gold standard’ is 16 GB of RAM. That is still completely sufficient to run all modern games without problems. Switching to 32 GB RAM only resulted in a minimal or no increase in performance. So that’s why stay at 16GB but invested in higher quality, high frequency, low latency storage.

Graphic Card:-

The GPU (graphics processing unit) is the linchpin in gaming. The GPU is probably the most expensive part of any gaming PC. The price range for graphics cards is from inexpensive gaming in full HD resolution to real high-end games on which 4K runs absolutely smoothly. Enjoy the best performance of your graphics card by over-clocking your GPU and updating the graphics drivers.

Hard Drives:-

The era of the traditional mechanical hard drive is over. While these old hard drives are still cheaper and sometimes bigger, the permanent hourglass display shouldn’t make any gamer forget about the game. With an SSD, especially of the new NVME type, you have speeds of up to 5 GB per second at your disposal. You should also have at least 1TB of storage space, as modern games these days tend to be large – some take up more than 100GB.

In any case, you need to reserve enough space for your games. The Disk Cleaner included in Avast Cleanup automatically removes garbage files and programs that are no longer required so that there is enough space on your hard drive for the next HD quality film.

Power Supply & Casing:-

If you are putting together a more powerful system with a higher quality graphics card and a faster processor, you need a power supply that can handle 700 to 1200 watts. Here you can let your imagination run wild. You can have an elegant case like the Fractal Design R7 or something unique.

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