Gaining its inspirations from the global arena, Gul Ahmed has long focused on weaving, printing, embroidery and embellishments that challenge the limitations of textiles as we know them, This touchstone of Pakistani fabrics has certainly been at the top of its game since its rather impressive emergence on the market back in the early 1900s. In fact, the brand’s impact has been so transformative that many would go as far as to say that the story of Pakistani textiles is the story of Gul Ahmed. 

That’s high praise indeed, and it’s a well-deserved accolade that’s led many buyers across the world to seek the phenomenal Gul Ahmed clothes that have most recently proven so vital to shaping the face of Pakistani fashion.

If you’re interested in some of these amazing pieces then you certainly aren’t alone, but that begs the question – hot exactly can you get Gul Ahmed clothes in the UK?

A bit about Gul Ahmed

As mentioned, Gul Ahmed has been transforming Pakistani fashion since the 1900s and has especially come into its own since the establishment of the now-iconic Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd (GTM) in 1953. The listing of Gul Ahmed on the Karachi Stock Exchange in 1970, especially, acted to propel this then-modest company to global, and frankly dizzying, heights. 

Perhaps what makes Gul Ahmed such a desirable brand (as well as its flagship designs, stunning finishes, and quality,) is the fact that Gul Ahmed continues to put traditional manufacturing processes at the heart of every single piece. 

Now, Gul Ahmed Textile Mills enjoys more than 51,840 spindles, 300 state-of-the-art weaving machines and most modern yarn dyeing, processing & stitching units to ensure that every aspect of a design is completed in-house, from yarn through to the finished product. This enables quality finishes on fantastic fabrics that have now been used in corporate and retail settings for many years. 

Ideas by Gul Ahmed

The development of Ideas by Gul Ahmed in 2003 saw this brand finally breaking into the retail and fashion world across a range of forty stores in Pakistan. Now, Gul Ahmed’s undeniably striking fashions are set to hit UK stores, allowing for that unrivalled quality and innovative touch of in-house design to reach global markets at last. 

Gul Ahmed at House of Faiza

Since 2017, we’ve prided ourselves on bringing the best in high-end Pakistani fashion to UK audiences, proudly procuring the best collections from the most sought-after brands, and bringing them together under one roof to ensure that you find the ideal outfit every time. 

It’s this drive to achieve strong relationships with the best designers which puts Gul Ahmed clothes very much on our radar, and we’re proud to provide a UK platform for some of the brands most stunning up-and-coming pieces. 

Browse our collection today, either online or on our world-leading smartphone app to ensure that you’re one of the first to enjoy the quality finish, striking design, and cutting-edge fashions that Gul Ahmed has continually brought to the market since its launch so many years ago.

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