How to Distract your Child from Mobile

It has become a trend for modern parents to let their children an android mobile to keep them quiet because they want to work or pass time before a laptop or TV or Smartphone of their own. This inability or unwillingness of the parents to give time to their child makes the child addicted to mobile as the internet offers numerous addictive games and videos for the kids. However, the following tips to distract your child from mobile will help you a lot to handle the problem properly.

Minimize Your Screen Addiction

If you want to distract your child from mobile, you first have to be distracted from mobile. Reduce your screen time as much as you can. Shut your laptop down and do not come back to it for several hours. Similarly, touch off the internet data connection of your tab, smartphone, or android mobile. Do other activities and give time to your child. Your child will automatically leave his or her mobile and follow you. Children follow others, especially the parents, with whom they pass most of the time.

Indoor and Outdoor Games and Sports and Travelling

For the IQ, physical, and mental development of your child, engage him or her in indoor and outdoor games and sports and travel with your child which significantly distract your loving child from the harmful addiction of android mobile. There are various types of instruments for indoor games suitable for the kinds which you can bring new of them at a regular interval selecting according to the age of your child. Pretend to play with your child. Take your child to the field where other children of his or her age are engaged in games and sports. Both father and mother together should go to travel frequently with their child in the areas like children’s parks and open areas where both of them can run with the small legs of their child. The child will enjoy these activities and naturally lose interest in mobile.

Be Bad Parents Sometimes

Sometimes, you need to be strict and rude to your child, but this does not mean rebuking or beating the child. There is a trend that parents are good to the child as long as they allow him or her to watch videos or play games on mobile. When you see that the habit is turning into an addiction, instantly become bad parents. Just take away the mobile from the hands of your child and the child will instantly start crying aloud and keep crying so continuously. The child knows where the weakness of the parents is. Most parents, in this case, give back the mobile but in order to solve the problem; you need to avoid the cry. After some time, the child will become tired and stop crying and notice that his or her blackmailing is not working. Keeping in mind that prevention is better than cure; you need to take control of your baby unless your child will go out of control when it will be too late for you to handle him or her. However, if you have single father parenthood through surrogacy like maternità surrogata per single, you get special guideline from your agency.

Other Tips to Distract your Child from Mobile

Except for the above basic tips, the other tips to distract your child from the addiction towards mobile are fixing mobile time for a limited period with a routine, eating together with all the family members, telling interesting stories, and teaching your child something.

Every child is special and so is yours. You should never let the habit, time, brain, nerve, eyesight, future, and overall life be spoiled by the bad effects of being addicted to mobile. So, distract your child from mobile.

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