How to choose your nails for a wedding you are attending

Your wedding manicure is the final step in completing your wedding day look. Although it may seem like a small detail to think about, wedding nails are actually an important part of your overall appearance. From exchanging rings to taking photos with the bouquet and cutting the cake, your hands will receive all the attention and be photographed throughout the day, so it is very important to think about them to complete your look.

Tips to prepare your hands and nails

1- Get your manicure a few days before the wedding day

Permanent polish was the best thing that happened to bridal nails. Instant dry time and perfect for weeks? Yes, it is literally a dream come true. But after a few days, they start to lose their shine. Get your manicure just a day or two before the wedding to avoid any blemishes or wear on your nails.

2 -Try different shades of polish

You try on more than one dress (most of the time), so why not try on more than one nail polish? Keep in mind that certain shades look better on different skin tones. For example, if you have an olive skin tone, try a poppy red polish instead of pink for a more flattering shade.

3-Remember to keep your nails at home

The care of the cuticle and the hands is essential to have the perfect images. The skin does not heal in days. So you need to prepare it months in advance. Nail techniques are very professional but they don’t work miracles. You can’t show up to your date with chewed nails and destroyed cuticles and expect Instagram-worthy bridal hands in an hour. If you know you’re an avid nail-biter, make a conscious effort to kick the habit in the months leading up to your wedding. And, important: always hydrate your hands, use exfoliate and sunscreen.

4-Don’t get too adventurous with nail art for the first time

If you are not a girl of glitter and decorations, your wedding day is not the time to experiment with nail decoration. Go for a shade you’ve tried before or a timeless look (a French manicure for example).

5- Permanent enamel but what about extensions?

If your nails can’t grow long enough for the wedding day or if they break easily when they get long, your natural nails can be extended at your nail salon. The extensions consist of a combination of liquid and powder that hardens to create a layer on the natural nail, creating a small canvas to apply the enamel. It lasts approximately three weeks. If you are not used to them, you may need an adaptation period.

Trends in wedding nails

  1. Neutral tones are a classic choice for weddings because they won’t detract from the ring or bouquet. No matter the time of the wedding or the color combinations of your wedding theme, a manicure in neutral tones will be the perfect complement to complete your look.
  2. Another great idea for bridal nails, which has a little more flair than just plain, is a nail polish with some glitter. Sparkling champagne or iridescent crystal color will look wonderful on your white wedding dress and will add an extra sparkle to photographs when the light catches them. Remember not to abuse the glitter. This would be too distracting and take attention away from the wedding ring.
  3. If you definitely want to add a pop of color to your nails on your wedding day, we recommend doing it safely and smartly with a shade that isn’t too strong or distracting. If you want to show off your own personal style, or you’re a bridesmaid who wants to stand out, playing with colors is a good idea.
  4. How about adding a message to your nail art? We present three very inspiring ideas with very personal details made by hand, with which your hands will undoubtedly not be indifferent and you will remember them forever.


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