The bag is a basic accessory in the women’s wardrobe and that we all love, regardless of the taste of each one; it is the perfect complement that cannot be missing.

In general, we buy the ones that are fashionable or the ones that are more functional. And probably, the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a bag is that you only need one that you like, is comfortable, cute and can be used on several occasions; and you’re not wrong. However, other aspects can be taken into account: that they favor your figure, height or facilitate your decision.

That is why we will give you some tips and keys to be able to choose the ideal bag, that matches you, your tastes, the utility you want to give it or for a special occasion.

The basics to choose a bag

  1. Look for balance and visual harmony between your bag and your body type.
  2. Large bags look better for the day and small ones for the night.
  3. A striking bag also fulfills the function of an accessory; take it into account when putting together your outfit with them.
  4. Always remember to have a neutral tone bag in your dressing room, because it is a basic garment that can get you out of trouble.
  5. When you buy a bag, try to have a full-length mirror nearby so that you can see if the bag matches your image or not.

Now if what matters to us, we go from the basics, to the key to be able to choose the ideal bag, that combines, makes you look good on each occasion and identifies you. Pay attention to each point because it can save you from your decision of the bag you bought spoiling your outfit.


A bag for every occasion?

It should not be like that, we already know that going to work, a party or going out with friends is not the same; but you can have in your wardrobe a bag of neutral and basic colors, another more striking, a large one, another small one and a more elegant one. The important thing is that they are functional for you for every occasion.

Something vital for many women: organization

Yes, we know, that many of us cannot go out without putting the whole house in the bag, or also carry the basics, but always well organized and at hand. That is why if you are looking for organization in a bag, it is important that you choose Mulberry Antony with several compartments that allow you to have everything at hand and also gives the luxurious look.

Never forget your style, what makes you unique

The first thing you should take into account is never lose your personality because that will always make you look everywhere. Always choose what you feel most comfortable with.

Take all these tips into account when buying your next bag, but don’t forget to choose that bag that you fall in love with and show off wherever you go.

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