How To Celebrate Holidays Away From Family

Not going home for the holidays!

No matter what the reason is, it is a bummer. So, rather than being depressed, why not find out some of the excellent activities you can try alone?

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing things you can do to get out of the holiday blues away from family.

Enjoy Holidays Alone

Here are some of the phenomenal ways which will get rid of your Holiday blues and help you enjoy the holiday alone.

1. Movies & Books

Movies and books are a great way to bring the holiday spirit to your small rented apartment. Remember your family gathering all around the fire and watching a favorite Christmas or holiday movie.

What could be better than bringing that childhood nostalgia back?

Suppose you are an avid book reader and dread not going to your family for the holiday season. Then why not use your beautiful gift of imagination and immerse yourself in a Christmas book?

– It can be something as classic as ‘A Christmas Carol.’

– A love story ‘Meet Me In London.’


A Christmas mystery like ‘Hercule Poirot Christmas.’

When your current reality makes you sad, simply transfer yourself to a different one. You can download these Christmas movies and ebooks from for free.

2. Holiday Decorations

Just because it is not your childhood home and you are cooped up in your small NYC apartment doesn’t mean you cannot decorate for the holidays. These are precious memories you are creating just for yourself, during literally the ‘Wonderful time of the year.

So, why not get some of the best Christmas lights, decorations, and a Christmas tree? If you celebrate other festivals during this time of the year, then make your apartment a wonderland. Get it deep cleaned and set for welcoming the new year.

The festive season marks the ending and beginning, and there should be no amount of sadness or gloominess which is putting a bummer on it.

3. Baking Delights For Nostalgia

If you are missing your family, then why not bring some of the elements here? A particular smell which brings the highest sense of nostalgia for us is the smell, and if you are someone who loves sweet delights, then why not bake it yourself?

Over the internet, you will find many videos which teach simple and easy ways to cook holiday delights. Some are even budget-friendly, so you do not have to worry about spending everything by the end of the year.

Get your apron on, sift the flour and begin your cooking. Plus, if you are feeling a little too blue in the season, then baking can be a very therapeutic activity.

4. Local Attractions

You have been in this city for how long now? Do you know what the different holiday attractions you can enjoy are?


Then this is a golden opportunity to explore all the carnivals, stores, and bakeries, all dressed in the festive season. You can even visit some of the churches on Christmas day.

This will make you realize that along with your hometown, this city is also yours, and it has so much to offer. You can enjoy these sites alone, but if you are not much of a solo traveler, then get a friend to come along with you.

5. Friends-Mas

If there is one thing which adulting have taught us, then it is this. You have your family (blood), and then you have your other family (friends). So, if you are lucky enough to have that right-knit group of friends, then why are you so blue?

Yes, some will be traveling to their families for the holidays, but some are not. Rather than spending it all alone, make a Friends-mas out of it. Call them for parties on Christmas eve or Christmas morning.

Cook delightful holiday treats together, and make a day out of it!

Enjoy Yourself!

Yes, it is sad, but you should always enjoy the holidays. With technologies like facetime, you can always stay connected.

Plus, maybe this is the time you finally understand the delights of being alone for the holiday season and enjoy your own solitary company.

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