How do you know how to exploit the wealth of the Amreli public?

How do you know how to exploit the wealth of the Amreli public?

Public toilets made at the expense of millions of rupees are found to be similar to ornamental bales when a toilet campaign is needed to test how useful the toilets are instead of singing songs.

Without the maintenance of these toilets, no citizen can use them.

Even though millions of rupees have been spent on the construction of several public toilets under the campaign in various public places in Amreli city, it has proved to be a boon for the citizens.

When the public’s money is deposited in the government treasury, it is the responsibility of the officials and officials to make good use of the money and to ensure that the money is paid back.

In Amreli city, various public places such as Station Road, Nagnath Chowk, Sardar Circle are being found in the toilets constructed at a cost of millions of rupees.

It also lacks water for lack of maintenance. Out of the toilets, dirt is also visible.
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