Halfway Houses in Iowa & Why More Women Are Drinking Today

A shocking study has come to the front from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. It says that an increasing number of female deaths over the past two decades are linked to alcohol addiction. The Deputy Director of Alcohol Division of the National Institutes of Health highlighted that more women are turning towards alcohol today and their number of drinks have increased too. 


The pressure to prove themselves in their professional lives and personal lives simultaneously is showing a paradigm shift in the drinking patterns among women. This, coupled with glitzy ads that encourage the belief that “drinking is sexy” has motivated a large chunk of the female population to embrace alcohol. 


Halfway houses in Iowa can be ideal places for recovering women addicts.


Understanding addicts

An addict, whether male or female, faces contempt from society. Society fails to understand the hidden reason for a person to become addicted. At times, the addict himself/herself forget what triggered them to take drugs or alcohol. The long-buried emotions come out during the recovery program, which is conducted by therapists and counselors. 


A halfway house gives people a chance to re-construct their life, confront their buried emotions, make peace with the past, and prepare for the future. 


Alcoholics are not always irresponsible people

As we talk of women alcoholics here, most of them are responsible for their families and work. In fact, they are popular at their workplace and in peer groups. They play good hosts to parties and live a flamboyant life. Due to this, their addiction stays hidden. People hardly find a problem in them. 


But do you know most of the addicts carry a burden on their shoulders? The burden is of suppressed emotions and the compulsion to look good and be good at all times. For this, they must build a wall around emotions and put in layers of “groomed” behavior. 


Alcohol or drugs simply help them peel off the layer, relax, and be themselves. 


Sober living in Iowa help people address their real self while addressing their addiction. 


Does more success mean more alcohol?

It is common to see women (and men) with a full-fledged career and a well-set family with kids drink to their heart’s content. The more successful they are, the more they tend to drink. 


They wrongly believe that alcohol at the end of the day would soothe their senses and aching muscles. 


A ‘hidden addiction’ is brewing amongst such people. 


Such alcoholics must urgently address their addiction before alcohol makes them crash.  


If an increasing number of people, particularly women, are taking to alcohol, then an increasing number of addicts are turning sober too. This is thanks to dedicated detox and rehab programs and sober living homes. The way they help an alcoholic transform into sober is miraculous. 


But this miracle happens with consistent and devoted efforts put in by the staff of the house and the patient. You, too, must have a burning desire to change. Nobody in the world can change you, if you don’t wish to. 


For more information, visit https://halfwayhousedirectory.com/centers/iowa/

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