GEMBA Walk-Your Engagement with Management

Walking a gemba is not an opportunity for people to find issues while they are being watched. This is also not the time to identify solutions or implement policy adherence. A Gemba Walk needs to approach a place of mutual respect and interest in making things better. Running a gemba is also not the time to solve problems and make changes. IT is an observation and reflection time, but it does not mean that you neglect ideas for improvement or suppress brainstorming, but rather to stay open and observe value addition – see what is happening. If thoughts or complaints come, they should be noted and followed up.

IT scenario – revolving around Gemba / management

HP’s Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were pioneers of the methodology called Walking / Wandering Around (MBWA). The basis of this management style was to run GEMBA with a twist. Like Taichi Ohno (the father of the Toyota production system), he believed that it is necessary to go to the place where the value was being created i.e. the work was done. MBWA sounds like the Gemba Walk, but it was quite different. In fact, one of the most important words in MBWA is “management”.

Not just going to Gemba;

It is managing Bill and Dave, who were design engineers themselves, realized that the most important decisions made by engineers simply cannot be seen directly in the workplace. He learned what was going on through active interaction with the engineers, which is the third main concept of Gemba Walk .ie Interaction. He communicated his goals and values ​​through active interactions with engineers. They narrowed the situation gap and created ways for engineers to express concerns and feelings.

And most important,

by modeling these functional managerial behaviors individually, they shaped generations of great technical managers. Although Bill and Dave used it from a product point of view, it can be effectively applied in a service environment. The reality TV show is titled “The Undercover Boss”, in which a CEO secretly works as a front-line employee. It is eye-opening for the CEO to personally experience real work situations. The important thing about this is the changes made as a result of the CEO exiting his office and doing front line work.

The need is for leaders who take the time to interact with their team and know their people and understand what drives or motivates them. They do not sit in their office and are led by email. They are in “Gemba”, the place where work is done and actively connected with their people. Always remember that people run an IT department, not technologies, nor the framework.

I, being a career-oriented girl,

was convinced of the fact that I depended on my whole life, a year ago when I had to leave my home town, my family, my friends and move to a completely new city. With so many thoughts in mind, one of the biggest thoughts in my mind that had almost changed in my mind was not to leave my hometown, “I had  No family to live with, no friends to hang out with, no one to talk to after coming from office, I couldn’t shout saying, “Mama khap thakali ji, pani  And this thought turned to my biggest fear when my parents said goodbye and left me in a new city by myself.

But this fear turned into a new form of quality in me, “independent”.

To begin with, there were many incidents that deepened and deepened this quality in me. When I had to find a place to live, when I had to decide whether to live alone or with a completely unknown person. When I had to work for myself. Celebrates his birthday and most festivals alone. When you come late from office or say a movie, you get a little scared when you have a scooter and you have to keep it. When 800kms away from home city and then manage to travel alone and provide surprise to his mama for his birthday. You are sick all the time and there is no person who can take you to the doctor.

All bill payments, all bill payments that your father or brother used to make, are to be made by you.

And the most important part is being financially independent which gives you a feeling of fulfillment. When you need to make your decisions on time that can be right or wrong, it can have good results or bad results. All these provide you with experience that somehow makes you independent. Trusting your gut instinct at the right time is the main and important thing that makes you feel very independent.

There can be different approaches to being independent, the way each of us portrays freedom can be completely different from what I think freedom is.

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