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Today I am going to tell you “How to answer the phone in a funny way.” When answering the phone, sometimes just saying “hello” is not enough. When your friends or family call us, you usually don’t expect anything other than the voice of someone. you love to answer the call

It is easy to surprise them and have a little imagination. We can have fun talking on the phone and laughing a little while doing it. There are many funny ways to answer the phone.

Funny ways to answer the phone.

One of the most used words for answering calls is “hello” in all known languages.

Sometimes we answer the phone very late or very quickly. A funny greeting might just be something the doctor ordered to liven up someone’s day.

These jokes are not only but will make you laugh But it also makes callers giggle.

Change your voice

Changing your voice may seem like an old trick, but it’s still a good way to go. Use an English accent or speak it darker to see what kind of reaction you’ll get.

If you want to get serious about being funny while answering the phone, buy a silencer.

A Distortion is a device that modifies your voice to make it unrecognizable based on a personal alarm.

Prices for high-quality distortion machines range from $30 to $80 and can be purchased online.

As per individual cautions, a voice mutilate can change a man’s voice to seem like an outsider, to make a lady’s voice sound like a man, or to make granddad’s voice sound like a child.

Use funny words.

Pick up your phone with funny phrases like “tell me” or “tuk-tuk” as a classic. However, the more creative you are, the more fun it will be.

For example, according to Keepers of Lists, the number one way to answer the phone is “A hospital in your city, you hurt him, we hurt.”

Some more fun phrases are as follows: 1. “Hi, this is your manager’s hotline, would you be able to if it’s not too much trouble, stand by a second?” 2. Beep like a busy signal 3. “Rose Cafe, you like him, how can I help you?” 4. “ I have the money and let you go…” 5. “Hello James? I hope you get rid of the corpse! Run before they catch us!” 6. “Send some money and no one will get hurt!” 7. “Oh no, the voice is back!” 8. “Who sent you? Who are you working for?”

Use silly greetings.

It’s easy to put a little humor in the way you answer the call from the opening speech of the conversation. Taking random calls from movies or pretending to be a business like a takeout service

Distorted sound

This may be the oldest trick in the book, but it can be very effective when done correctly. By pretending to have a different accent or speaking in a lower or higher voice, you get a reaction from the caller.

A real prankster can take this to the next level by using a voice modulator, a device that alters a person’s voice to sound like a man and man like a man. Kids .

Fake voicemail greeting

These can be recorded as actual voicemail greetings on the answering machine or performed by the person answering the phone.

People can pretend that they are too busy to answer the phone because they are doing funny or unrealistic tasks, or they can disguise themselves as another device in the house.

Use music clips.

There is a lot of room for experimentation, with this technique as a prankster you can surprise your conversation with music.

Spending time editing songs together using the lyrics when talking to the caller is a creative and humorous way to answer the phone.

Or try making music playing in the background file and pretending to be a DJ or TV presenter and offering a boisterous and confident welcome like “Hello, you passed Magic 107.7 and you won this week’s mystery speaker award.”


This might make you laugh a little. But in the end, it ended up being dissatisfied on the part of the caller. When someone calls, pick up the phone. but will remain silent until the caller speaks.

After that, he repeated what he said, repeating it as if he was far away or through a tunnel. They finally got annoyed and hung up. But it’s worth trying for fun.

Each country has its own custom when answering the phone. But you must always do it sincerely.

If each country has its own customs, each person can have their own habits or style of answering the phone.

Someone asked: Who am I happy to talk to? Who can I speak to please? etc etc

If someone makes a mistake when making a call, don’t be sad to apologize to the person answering the phone for the inconvenience caused.

No matter what in the world, you should hang up without saying anything like a timid child.

The person answering the phone shouldn’t be upset by this mistake. When faced with unforeseen mistakes, we must use good manners to apologize.

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I can’t remember the last time I wondered if I was answering the phone correctly.

It’s a repetitive question that almost everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives.

When we answer the phone, we’ll just say in plain text or information like our name, our phone number, etc.

Customs will vary greatly depending on the country in which we live and even within the community or local customs or family.

There are many different ways to answer the phone.

when answering the phone. Say to me or a simple “yes”, someone might answer a yes? tell me?

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