Friday Night Funkin Unlocked Games: Is Week 7 Available Now?

I’m sure you are all waiting for the release of Friday Night Funkin Week 7. There have been rumors that KawaiSprite has finished developing the new songs. This hints at the most anticipated week’s release coming soon. Read our blog to find out more.

Friday night Funkin Unlocked Games

Friday Night Funkin is said to be the best produced and artistic rhythm game developed by Canadian programmer Cameron Taylor also known as Ninja Muffin 99 in OpenFL. It is largely inspired by Dance Revolution, the rock band, PaRappa the rapper and many New Ground and Flash cultures.

The Friday Night Funkin story revolves around the character “The Boyfriend” who wants to date “The Girlfriend” but can’t because of his father “Daddy Dearest” who is a former rock star and disapproves of the relationship. To get his girlfriend, he has to defeat his father and an array of unusual characters in various rap battles.

In the player must take the role of boyfriend and pass several levels, called “weeks”. Each week has 3 songs. In each of the weeks, the player will face a unique opponent in a rap battle.

Friday Night Funkin Unlocked Games week 7

Week 7 kept everyone glued to their seats while they waited for the developers to release it. Well, as Week 7 is yet to be released, its unlocked school and chromebook versions are not yet available. We’ll update its links once Week 7 officially launches.

New characters

The new week will feature new characters, especially a new antagonist. Many fans had speculated that Ritz was the Week 7 Antagonist. However, this turned out to be just a false rumor. Ritz is an anthropomorphic rat and is the main character in the Ritz game. This character was actually developed by Ninjamuffin99 and musically composed by Kawaisprite. Ritz reportedly made his FNF debut when NinjaMUffin posted an art-style GIF of Ritz on his Twitter page. But he would have deleted it 30 seconds later. But we’re sure Ritz will surely be an antagonist in the weeks to come.

There is a strong possibility that Sergeant John Captain Tankman, simply known as Tankman, was the main Antagonist for Week 7. In fact, he was accidentally revealed as the Antagonist for Week 7 in the broadcast. live Twitch from Phantom Arcade.

Looking at the fan enthusiasm for Week 7 and the appreciation for past updates, the New Week is sure to turn out to be a success!

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