Freestanding Bathtubs: A Quick Guide

Imagine coming home after work, exhausted and ready to crash. The only thing that will make someone joyous after a day of hard work is a long unwinding bath. It is the new form of luxury most individuals wish to experience in the comfort of their home rather than a star hotel. It has become more accessible to buy a freestanding bath today found in some of the best resorts in Australia.

Freestanding bathtubs have a history that dates back to the Victorian era where the queens and kings bathe themselves in a bean-shaped copper tub. Today these tubs are becoming more popular as home architects, and interior designers incorporate them into the house plan. People pay a fortune for these tubs made of various materials like copper, cobblestone, and even ceramics. Tub manufacturers and sellers have realized that this luxurious item should be available for all. Some reasonably priced freestanding bathtubs are now being sold in the market for everyone to indulge. These tubs will not only be fun for little kids but also adults. They can unwind in the tub with some fun bath salts available in the market.

Benefits of Investing in a High-Quality Freestanding Bath

Instead of the boring traditional shower in the bathroom, people prefer to buy a freestanding bath due to the following reasons:

  • Easier for design integration: The best advantage of investing in a freestanding tub is that it can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. A traditional bathtub that is fixated to the flooring and wall is usually positioned in the corner of the space. The smaller size options of the freestanding tubs available in the market have solved many design-related problems. If the interior designer is in a pickle concerning the budget and space for the tub, they can easily integrate this freestanding bath due to its affordability. They emphasize the illusion of a large bathroom effortlessly while simultaneously leaving enough space to walk around the tub.
  • Available in varying materials: The freestanding tubs have an added advantage of their versatility in the material used. The most used materials for the manufacturing of these tubs are ceramics, metals like copper, stainless steel, and cobblestone. The thermal conductivity of copper is high; hence this material is only used in specific cases. Commonly people buy a freestanding bath made of ceramic for their home. Commercial spaces like resorts have cobblestone ones to give their hotel an exotic look.
  • The installation process is like a breeze: The traditional fixed bath is strenuous to install in a pre-constructed home. The architect always suggests fixing the traditional tubs during the construction process. That is to avoid future installation issues for the homeowner. If people with houses preconstructed wish to get a bathtub installed spontaneously, it becomes very tedious. They not only have to pry open the flooring and walls of the bathroom to make room but also must mess with the water pipeline system of the house. Instead of going through all this hassle, it is best to purchase a freestanding tub and place it anywhere they please.
  • Design flexibility and customization: The nostalgia factor and the elegance that a freestanding tub provides to a bathroom are unmatched. The level of customization available, from the material to the size of the tub, is of great significance for any buyer. They want to feel like their tub is unique compared to the next buyer. This much attention to detail is also understandable as, after all, the tub is the center of attraction in the bathroom.
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