Five misconceptions about laser hair removal

How much do you think you know about laser hair removal? Did you research only the primary procedure or everything about pre and post-treatment? But since it is a medical cosmetic procedure, you will only know so much about the laser hair removal procedure.

Undoubtedly, laser hair removal is the ultimate solution to get rid of stubborn pesky hair on your body. It is a safe, quick, and even losing-lasting and cost-effective solution. You can only expect a more permanent hair reduction after your first laser session. It is also a better hair removal than using wax and various kinds of depilatory and hair removal creams.

For every being, hair is as natural as the need for food. Body hair has specific benefits to it. It protects the skin and body altogether from external harm and damage. But if you want to remove your body hair, you must choose the right solution. Incorrect hair removal methods can do more harm than good. That is why laser hair removal (脫毛) is the most recommended hair removal solution for the best results.

Hence, we shall discuss the top five misconceptions or myths regarding laser hair removal.

Myth 1: Laser hair removal is painful.

Laser hair removal treatment feels like a rubber band snapping hard on your skin. But the actual effect on your skin is painless. Depending on your pain tolerance and skin, the results will vary. Moreover, the attending technician applies numbing and cooling gel on the skin before the procedure begins. That way, the side effects of the laser are also minimized.

But what is for sure evident is that laser treatment is less painful than waxing. You will initially feel only a tingling sensation on the skin when the laser beams touch your skin. While there will be certain discomfort, the pain you experience is undoubtedly not excruciating but not completely pain-free.

If your technician uses the latest version of laser technology, those machines now come with cooling technology to minimize the minor discomfort the patient may face.

Myth 2: Laser hair removal doesn’t work on certain skin tones.

In the initial stages of the laser hair removal technology, it was confirmed that the effects were more visible on lighter skin with dark hair. While the skin and hair contrast still influences the effectiveness of the laser treatment, the situation has improved a lot. And at this point, it is entirely baseless to say that laser hair removal works only on selective skin tones and hair textures.

With the advancement in laser technology, the initial challenge was overcome and now applies to everyone, irrespective of skin and hair contrast. If unsure about the procedure, you must take proper consultation and even a patch test before going through the sessions.

Myth 3: Laser hair removal is not safe.

With laser hair removal procedures, most physicians prefer to use the latest laser technology with multiple laser variants of laser lights. Suitable laser light depends on the person’s skin and hair type. That way, any possible chances of side effects are also eliminated.

The laser beams target the hair follicles rooted deep into the skin. Since the laser lights go into the skin, people fear thinking they might harm the skin and body. But the laser lights only affect the targeted area leaving the skin surrounding the treated area untouched. Even not skin tissue is damaged if the laser lights are not directly targeted.

But since it is s technical process, your attending physician must be skilled in their work. Other than that, there is no form of risk involved. It is a safe and quick procedure for hair removal.

Myth 4: Laser hair removal is way too expensive for what’s it worth.

Laser hair removal treatment goes over multiple sessions, say about 6 to 10, depending on the treated area and the hair growth. If you get only one laser hair removal session, that will cost you more than what it would have cost if you got a laser hair removal package.

But on another thought, the body part you will be getting laser treatment on also influences the cost. That is why it is necessary to consult accurately with your physician or clinic when getting an appointment. However, the overall cost will be less than what you would have spent on waxing or buying razors.

Myth 5: Laser hair removal isn’t a permanent solution.

It is a fact that laser treatment does not work the same for every individual. The skin type, hair texture, diet, and maintenance; everything affects the outcome. If you want permanent lasting results from your laser hair removal, the hair reduction will improve only after the third or fourth session.

You might notice 90% hair reduction after your sixth laser treatment session. But that, too, will also vary based on the person. If someone you know is getting higher results, you should be patient and finish your laser sessions first. In between the laser sessions, do not undergo any other cosmetic procedure that may hamper the effectiveness of the laser treatment.

For best results, do follow the post-treatment care.

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