Find out who arrested the accused while fleeing in Amreli city rape and Paxo crime.

Find out who arrested the accused while fleeing in Amreli city rape and Paxo crime.

Mr. Nirilipat Rai Saheb Nao, Superintendent of Police of Amreli, received information about such serious crimes while fleeing to avoid his legal arrest and arrested such accused. Police Ins, Shri R.K.Karamata and P.O.E. Shri PN Mori and LCB The team has the necessary instructions and guidance.
 According to the police in charge of Amreli LCB. LCB under the auspices of Mr. RK Kamarata and PSE Shri PN Mori The team has successfully obtained the information of the rape and arrest of the accused while fleeing in Paxo crime from Ahmedabad.

The details of the crime are as under: –
 On 5/1/9, Amreli’s Sagira filed a complaint in Amreli City Post stating that in the 2nd, from Navaratri’s second Narat ie, 9/6/6/6/3/3/3/3/3/3/ During the hour of 5/1, at different times in different places in Amreli and Ahmedabad, the accused accused themselves of intimidating, intimidating, committing an act of prostitution with themselves against their will, intense sexual penetration. Shirley, complaining of forced rape and gang rape, complained about this at Amreli City Post. F Gur 1/4 EPCO Sections 1, 2, 3 (4) (F), 3 (4) (N), 2 (D), 3, 4, 4 (A), 5 (B), 5 (D), 5, 6, 7 , 1, 2 (3), 3, 4 (B), 5, 6 Possession of the offense under section 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 6, 9, at 3/1/2 at 3/3 pm Declared.

The crime was investigated by Shri YP Goghil, PSE Shri Lathi Pt. The work was carried out by the accused and the accused were detained and other names were opened during the investigation, which the remaining accused were running around to avoid committing the crime.

The details of the accused
arrested are as under: – (1) Kishan Rajeshbhai Trivedi, aged 6, res.
He brought the Amreli to Ahmedabad, Sundarvan, Empire Tennamant, Troll Quartet, Vistar Valal, interrogated him, detained him today at 3 / 8th / 8th, at 1/4 pm, assigned to Amreli City Post for further action. General Chat Chat Lounge

According to the instructions and guidance of Shri Nirlpit Rai Sahebna, the Superintendent of Police for the operation, Amreli LCB Incharge Police Ins. Shri RK Kamarata and PSE Shri PN Mori and LCBTM.
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