Find out where Amrelima was arrested for allegedly cheating two women by wearing her clothes.

Find out where Amrelima was arrested for allegedly cheating two women by wearing her clothes.

Rural police flat under the guidance of Amreli police chief Nirpilit Rai.

Two men accused of cheating women for prostitution at Thoradi and Chhapari were arrested. Counsel for the


Amreli police chief, Lalipat Rai, and Deputy Police Superintendent K.J. Along with Chaudhary, under the guidance of CPI JD Zala Dhuri Circles, Police Sub Ins of Savarkundla Rural Police Station. AP The detainees were arrested by the Dodia and the police staff.

In the village of Thoradi village of Savarkundla taluka, and in the Chhapari village of Rajula taluka, they took hold of women’s clothing, betrayed the treachery and betrayed the deceased Islam.

The details of the accused are as follows:
 (1) Bharatnath Nathanath Solanki (d. 40) Business-begging. Big shit.
(R) Jaisalnath Bhagwanath Mangroliya (ex. 4p) Occupation – Begging, Living. Savarkundla, Girdharvaav.
The details of the alleged speeding up of the accused are as follows:
 (1) The gold chain weighs about 10 grams. Rs. 30,000 / –
(R) Hero Honda Passion Prof. No. G.J. R7-A9 R6 Rd. Rs. 10,000 / –
(3) Cash Rupees 1st, Rs. 100 / – This case is seized.

The accused, Bharatnath Nathanath Solanki, was arrested for the criminal history of the accused. At 13:00 pm on 09/09/2011, the woman in the house of the complainant, dressed in a dress and made a ritual ritual with the complainant’s mother and his wife, took the world first and sought her gold chain in the glass of milk to ritualize the world. And cheated and fled carrying a gold chain. J Savarkundla Rural Pt. Gur 048 / R 0 IPC Section-406, Crimes registered under 4R0. Is done.

(R) Two accused, dressed in women’s clothing and begging at Chhapri (Dolia) village, were arrested in a raid around Chhapari village, Rajula, on the excuse of religious rituals to go to the complainant’s house. Both isms escaped by paying a glance of 1, 100 / -. J Dungar Pt. Gur Crimes registered as per IPC-406, 4R, 114. Is done.
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