Find out how to arrest the accused in the Duffer gang case from the Amreli and the accused in the gang.

Find out how to arrest the accused in the Duffer gang case from the Amreli and the accused in the gang.

Based on the information received during the patrolling in Savarkundla village area by Amreli SOG team, Savarkundla Rural Police Station EPCO. Article – 379, 4p4, 4p7, 380, 38r, 34, 401, 41 Vs. According to the Duffer gang case, the thief accused thieves.

Following are the details of the accused arrested.
(2) Hussein alias Gudilo Sher Khan Khan
 . The original Junagadh, Dilavarnagar, remains current. Jira, (Ta. Sawarkundla, Dist. Amreli) It is fastened near the bus station of Jira village in Savarkundla taluk.

The accused, who was arrested today, was arrested a year and a half ago with gangs of Duffer gangs. Against the accused, the accused, Amreli and surrounding districts and villages of residential houses, two-wheeler showrooms, shops, dales, etc. broke open, opened nakka shattered shutters, and several places opened in separate areas. Was.

In front of the gang, several jewelry of gold and silver were stolen in the case, as well as guns of domestic manufacture, gun-4 and gun-shot guns. 106P and Mobile Phone No-8, Ks. Rs. 8161 W. and Mo. No. – 14 Total Cost Rs. 47p400 and cash amount of Rs.13,500 and new old coins of Rs. Rs.1000 and LEDTV Woofer Speaker, Solar Battery, Hammer, Pages, Grips, Dismiss, Vs. The total number of stolen weapons / equipment found at Rs. 18,790 together with a total of Rs. 9, 9, 9, has been standardly detained along with its contents, including Pup’s case.

During the investigation of this crime, the evidence was collected at EPOkalam-379,4p4, 4p7, 380, 4,401, 41 Vs. Accordingly, the crime of the gang case was registered.

The above accused was involved in all these offenses, and the accused avoided his legal arrest till date and thus escaped.
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