Famous Tourist Spots To See In Ajman – The Best Of Coastal Dubai

Ajman is the ideal setting for a relaxing vacation on the Arabian Gulf’s white sand dunes. Despite its little size, it charms tourists with an incredibly pleasant provincial charm that is deftly combined with first-class comfort and services.¬†

As a result, just imagine the mornings are for sunning on the large beaches or shopping with family and friends. Then, in the evening, take a stroll around the colorful city, have a picnic among the palm palms, or dine at one of the numerous bright restaurants. With so many amazing things to see and do, you will love to spend every minute here at Ajman. No matter what kind of trip you are planning for? Whether it is a family trip, business trip, or a solo trip. Get packed, visit the emirates official website and get flight tickets online & hassle-free. Also, save up to 45% off on round trips on every flight. To assist you, read on to find out about some of the best tourist spots to go in Ajman:

In Ajman, a yard for the building of dhows

The Dhow Yard, situated on the north bank of Ajman Creek, is a world-renowned dhow building center and one of the region’s most intriguing tourist attractions. It is one of the area’s most intriguing tourist attractions. It is not essential to employ plans to construct a dhow; rather, traditional tools and manual skills passed down through generations are used. Each year, between 20 and 30 boats are made, and anybody interested in this historic watercraft should definitely visit this place click here.

The Ajman Museum 

This fort of the 18th-century served as Ajman’s first line of resistance is now the municipal museum. The displays here are centered on the indigenous way of life, with dioramas showing different parts of daily life and archaeological artifacts from nearby areas. On exhibit is a magnificent collection of Emirati weapons, as well as a collection of manuscripts. Along with acting as the city’s major bastion, the fort functioned as the ruler’s palace and, later, the location of the city’s police headquarters. The fortress’s most noteworthy archaeological features are two wind towers, two watchtowers, and a massive gatehouse, which is now equipped with two cannons.

Ajman’s beaches

The coastline of Ajman is lined with magnificent hotels, each having its own little stretch of pristine white sand for guests to rest on throughout their visit. Known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the United Arab Emirates, this used to be the place 25th island of Greece to go to reflect on life while soaking in the sun and sand. Outsiders are generally charged a one-day fee to use the beach and other hotel services, which are collected at the hotel’s front desk. If you’re searching for a relaxed day of sunbathing, the beaches of Ajman are difficult to beat.

The City Center in Ajman city

When related to other Emirati cities, Ajman happens to be a rather calm region. This port city is situated across a creek and has a lovely seaside promenade that leads to a gorgeous white sand beach. According to archaeological discoveries, Ajman was a prominent Bronze Age settlement in the region around it. Within easy driving distance of the city are two mountain settlements: Manama, which includes a small fort, and Masfut, which is noted for its vividly colored marble.


It is an archaeological site situated in the suburbs of the UAE city of Ajman. They encountered the issue in 1986 when building a new sewage pipe. A circular tomb of the Umm al-Nar type was discovered, and salvage excavations were initiated. The Mowaihat Tomb was the first sign of Umm al-occupancy Nar’s in the Northern Emirates when it was unearthed.

Al-Zorah District

Despite the fact that it has not yet been constructed, this new waterfront development will have marinas, luxury hotels and condos, dining options, and a golf course (which is now open). Tourists are particularly drawn to this area’s preserved coastline sector, which comprises one million square meters of protected mangrove forests. There are several opportunities for bird viewing amid the little lagoons surrounded by mangroves, which are home to over 50 different species of migratory birds, including enormous flocks of pink flamingos. Paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, and nature treks will soon be accessible in the Al-Zorah area.

Dubai’s Etisalat Tower is a tall building

Another feature in Ajman is the Etisalat Tower, a 17-story tower topped with a giant sphere that serves as the city’s landmark. The inclusion of mosque-style components sets it apart from other towering constructions. Pink and blue are recognizable, and the contemporary architecture helps to emphasize the Emirate’s progress. Enjoy your tour of this amazing skyscraper.


When compared to its brothers in Dubai and Sharjah, Ajman’s nightlife falls short. Aficionados of noisy parties will have little difficulty reaching nearby megalopolises. Ajman is a hospitable and growing city that would gladly introduce visitors to its traditions while also providing them with a nice stay. So, plan & book your Dubai holiday with AirlinesMap and taste the true charm of the Arab land..!

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