Facial Recognition Online: A Need of the Hour in the Corporate Sector

To prevent sophisticated fraud and organized criminal activities, facial recognition solution has become a new normal in the corporate sector. 

Facial recognition has become quite famous in the digital age. This technology is benefitting businesses across the globe in different ways. Some platforms use facial recognition for security reasons while others use it to mark the attendance of employees. An important benefit of face identifiers that can not be neglected is identity verification. 

Facial recognition online uses the biometrics of an individual to validate their identity. Those features can be measured through video, picture, or live presence. The system then matches the face of the individual with the photo present on their government-issued identity document. Artificial Intelligence is used in facial recognition to validate an individual through 3D sensing, 3D depth perception, and a skin texture analysis. 

Let’s deep dive into the blog to understand how this technology has streamlined identify verification process and has taken the charge of the corporate sector. 

1- Advanced Security Features

The increased number of cybercrimes has forced businesses to revise their cybersecurity measures. One of the popular methods to protect sensitive information from hackers is by using strong passwords. But the reality is that how strong a password is, it is always susceptible to threats.

Thus, facial recognition technology is a great bet in this regard. It is not only easy to use as the user has not to remember long and confusing passwords but also is impossible to attack. It only allows those individuals to access the resources whose face has already been authenticated to log in to the system. This is what makes facial verification a great option for all those entities that store private data or deal with huge volumes of sensitive data. 

2- Faster Payment Options

While this use of facial recognition software is in its early stage, it still has the capability to transform payment processes completely, particularly in the e-commerce platform. For speedier checkouts and user ease, certain websites are testing the finest facial recognition technologies.

Payment gateways could now use an individual’s facial features to execute a transaction successfully instead of entering their e-wallet or card credentials. This can help avoid the theft or misuse of personal details such as account or credit card numbers. Due to the fact that a payment is only completed when a registered user initiates it, the probability of fraudulent transactions is eliminated.

3- Enhanced Customer Convenience 

There is no doubt that e-commerce websites have gained much popularity in the past few years, but this doesn’t mean that offline shopping has become obsolete yet. Many buyers use the internet to get information but they make their final purchase decision at a physical store, and this has become a usual practice. This is especially true for large-ticket things that demand a substantial commitment, such as a cell phone or television.

Facial recognition technology helps traditional retailers to compete with their online counterparts. The main reason for the success of digital retailers is that they offer a more customized experience to their clients considering their past orders and search history. Moreover, facial recognition helps the retail sector get to know the previous purchases of a client so that they offer them special offers whenever they visit the store again. This encourages clients to check all the products before they make their final decision. 

4- Monitoring Employee Productivity

Facial recognition software with the finest features can possibly replace other kinds of biometric monitoring in the workplace, such as fingerprint scanning. The most compelling argument for utilizing facial recognition software is that it helps HR to monitor employees’ entry and ‘exit’ timings with great ease. As the employees do not have to validate their ID cards or fingerprints to check-in and out; the Document verification and face verification solution would recognize when an employee enters and exits, and monitor their hours accordingly.

Another benefit of the facial recognition system is that it eradicates the chances of making any mistake. When it comes to fingerprint scanners, for example, many times employees leave in groups rather than scanning their fingerprints separately. ID cards, for example, might easily be shared with someone else to scan at specific times. A facial recognition system, on the other hand, can precisely track an employee’s working time and assist you in managing your company’s overall productivity.

5- Accessibility for Differently-abled

Many older forms of biometric systems might be difficult for those with disabilities, especially the visually impaired. This may limit their access to places of employment or recreation. With face match online software, all such barriers can be eliminated, making public spaces more welcoming to everybody. The software can greatly enhance convenience for the differently-abled because it does not require an individual to physically find the sensor.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, facial recognition is a great verification technology that should be used wisely. It brings immense benefits to the end-users and companies in enhancing their security and keeping the fraudsters at a bay. 

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