Facebook Ads Stretegy For Real Estate Business

Ready to start with your Real Estate Facebook advertising campaign? Here are the eight tips you need to know:

1. Use the special AD category.

Facebook, as a recent change, has added a new category of an advertising campaign called the special AD category.

Real Estate Facebook ads

With this category, real estate agents can no longer stand out by age, gender or zip code, or any other demographic related to protected features.

Before running, ads on Facebook do create the real estate advertising flyers and put necessary information on it so people can connect with you. 

Here are some of the differences between the guidance options of the special AD category and its normal ad categories:


The geographical location is still available for guidance with the special AD category, but there are two changes in the way you target.

  1. You can no longer go to specific postal codes. Instead, you go to your region or your city with Pin-Drop, which sets a radio around the location you select.
  2. Pin-drop establishes a minimum of a radius of 15 miles instead of the previous ones.

The announcements that you later be directed to people who are within the radius that configured. Facebook also gives you the option of directing people within the area according to the different criteria, such as living inside or visiting.

Location settings for Facebook real estate ads


The objective of different age ranges is no longer available for advertising campaigns created with the special AD category. Facebook now establishes audiences in 18 to 65+.


Nor can you edit this option in the special AD category. Your ad audience is configured to include all genres.

Options for Facebook Real Estate Ads

Excluding interests

You can still aim at your audience according to the interest indicated. For example, if you aim “Buy a house”, Facebook will show your ad to anyone who has that interest in your profile. However, you can no longer exclude interest as with the normal ad category.

These changes help prevent discrimination in advertisements. As a result, some of the focus options available for other marketers are not available for real estate agents.

2. Identify your buyers and sellers.

Successful real estate agents know who they want to work with when they buy and sell homes. Use this knowledge to help you build your ideal target audience.

Create marketing experts from your ideal client to help you sign up for the right people. Marketing people are fictitious profiles that highlight the features of their typical client. When you create marketing people, identify the key components of your audience, including demography, socioeconomic status and interests.

Some information to identify with their people include:

What sells the houses in your area?

With what houses do you normally work with (Bilevel, Ranchos, etc.)

What kind of people do you seek to buy or sell these houses?

Once you have your marketing personalities, you will use that information to configure your destination audience on Facebook Ads Manager, so you can reach the right people interested in your ads.

Personalized Facebook Hearings

Facebook gives you the option to create a personalized audience in the Facebook Ad Manager to help you highlight specific audiences.

With personalized hearings, you point to people who are dedicated to your real estate business previously. It can be a list of users who visit their page, register to obtain an email list, or subscribed to text message notifications.

Create a personalized audience allows you to reach people with similar online behavior based on existing information about current customers. Facebook will give you your ad to people who adjust your parameters.

Since the identification of audiences in the special AD category is more restrictive than with regular advertisements, the way it specifies its personalized hearing is a bit different.

You can not use a previously saved audience when you create a new campaign with the special AD category. You will have to create a new personalized audience if you want to use any existing information you have.

3. Create Local Advertisements 

As a real estate agent, you want to create real estate ads on Facebook that drive local buyers and sellers.

For example, you can advertise a home listing and target homebuyers looking for a house in that area. You can create a locally-focused ad that advertises your real estate business.

If you want to grow your lead real estate leads this year and gain a strong competitive advantage over your slower, less sophisticated peers, Facebook ads for real estate are a proven way to grow your business and local market share.

The tactical ad strategies presented above are just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many more targeting options.

With Facebook, you can be incredibly targeted and endlessly creative in how you sell real estate and reach the home buyer or seller audience.

Don’t let your competitors steal your customers!

If you need help with your local Facebook advertising, we can help. Please call or email today and find out how we can help you win in your market.

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