Enabling transformative change in the cloud through procurement

Inability to purchase can disrupt or delay a simple process or affect your entire supply chain and potentially add costs to your bottom line. Purchasing through the cloud can help reduce costs and ultimately increase productivity and profits. As a modern means of acquiring products and services, cloud purchasing is revolutionary. Organizations that want to save money by automating the procurement process and streamlining communication across the procurement supply chain will benefit from adopting cloud procurement processes. The adoption of social collaboration tools makes it possible to create more open dialogue and eliminate inefficiencies.

                                             4 factors that affect the impact in the cloud

mobile technology

Impacting employee productivity, enabling collaboration and empowering buyers to work remotely is having a significant impact on the purchasing process. You can also improve access to valuable sourcing and event information, and streamline bid evaluation to suppliers. With mobile technology, procurement leaders can run more frequent sourcing events to control costs and ensure they are doing all they can to procure the best quality products.

Strategic source

Oracle allows business owners to save time by automating best practices for online conversations rather than requiring face-to-face meetings.  Effective source for maximum expense to achieve cost-effective results.


Collaborate more effectively with associates and suppliers through social functionality embedded within the procurement cloud. The cloud enables buyers to initiate conversations by creating RFPs using templates and directed workflows that simplify the process. Using embedded social collaboration tools buyers can initiate reviews from team members, send RFPs directly to suppliers who can review documents and send messages online through the supplier portal.

contract management

Compliance issues are eliminated with deviation reporting, tracking of mailed merchandise and exception based approval of customers.

Cloud procurement implementation

Oracle Procurement Cloud simplifies and streamlines processes to save organizations time and money and gain complete control over the procurement process. Zenser is a global Oracle Platinum partner that enables organizations to improve agility and operational efficiency, transform businesses and quickly exploit emerging market opportunities. From consulting change services, we optimize technology and business processes to enable you to take your business to the next stage of development.

Do your prices vary across channels, web vs store vs newspaper etc.

These price conflicts confuse customers, and are not considered a great way to reach the market today. If you are one of them, you are probably better off addressing those in the beginning. Today there are no channels for subscribers.

If you have taken note of # 1, see if you have a centralized view of the shops and your warehouse inventory?

If I am your customer and I am browsing your site, can I check the availability of the product I want to buy at your store location, which may be 3 miles away from me? Are you letting your customers see the product online, keep it safe in the store so they can pick it up immediately? It is a big hit with customers. For some specialist stores, it is also the only way to drive customers to the store. This is where free 2-day delivery cannot compete with the feeling of receiving a product immediately.

Likewise, if a customer is shopping in your store, and they don’t find the product they want, what happens next?

The red t-shirt that I like is not available in my size, or that the new LG Ultra headphones are not available in white colors, etc. How do you drive me (the customer) forward? Can you order from the store for delivery to my home or to take goods to the store? Can you get exact availability at other nearest stores if I, the customer want to pick it up? Some of the best implementations help keep customers in reserve and get those products from other nearby stores.

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