Educational Benefits of Classic Toys

It seems as though there’s always a new toy craze that kids inevitably become obsessed with obtaining. Generally, these items are a flash in the pan, and then children go back to their favorites. Many of these timeless, classic toys are not only fun for the kids, but they help their brains grow. Activities that foster creative and intellectual development are such a benefit. Playing that leads to learning is one of the most effective ways for little ones to take in information and make discoveries. Parents should consider purchasing toys that encourage this kind of learning while standing the test of time.

The Barbie Doll

Adults and children around the world are very familiar with this ambitious, fashion-conscious doll. Barbie, manufactured by Mattel, has kept up with the times and has remained popular for over half a century. Research has shown that playing with dolls can affect the part of the brain responsible for empathy, which is an essential element of positive emotional health and social development. When children are practicing pretend play, dolls can also encourage creativity. Barbie in particular has also inspired many kids over the years. She is confident, intelligent, fashion-conscious and goes after what she wants. The number of careers she has taken on is endless. Barbie gives even the youngest children a desire to go somewhere and be someone, just like her. 


LEGO sets have also been around for over half a century. These building toys come in many combinations, each for a different age group. When children play with these toys, they are constructing items from instructions or their imaginations. They are learning skills such as problem-solving and organization as they build objects. When kids cooperate with others while playing together, they are learning how to think critically and communicate effectively to foster peaceful teamwork.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels are small model cars that exploded in popularity several decades ago. These tiny toys can be accompanied by racing tracks to enhance play. When children experiment with moving the cars on homemade or store-bought tracks, they are learning about physics. Many different scientific principles are exercised when players use several different types of slopes and surfaces to produce a desired speed or movement. Kids also learn cooperation and teamwork when using Hot Wheels with others. Creativity is exercised when tracks are built or common household items are used to manipulate the cars and attempt to achieve a predicted outcome.

The Magna Doodle

The Magna Doodle has been around for more than 40 years, and with good reason. This magnetic drawing toy can provide hours of fun for children who enjoy being creative. The artist’s creation can easily be erased and replaced countless times. Parents can use this toy to encourage kids to practice writing and recognizing their letters, shapes and numbers. The Magna Doodle helps establish the fine motor skills necessary to draw pictures and write. Children can use the toy to tell stories, which encourages social growth. Additionally, this toy can work for two-year-olds just as effectively as twelve-year-olds, which is helpful in a home with children of varying ages. 

Mr. Potato Head

Most people are familiar with Mr. Potato Head, the classic plastic potato with removable body parts, facial features and accessories. This famous toy has been manufactured for over 60 years, and it remains a popular addition to toddler and preschool collections all over the United States.  Mr. Potato Head is not only fun for kids, but it also has educational benefits that make it a wonderful staple for your toy box. 

In addition to colors, numbers and letters, small children also learn their body parts. Mr. Potato Head is a great option to aid in teaching them about their bodies. Additionally, when kids grasp and replace the small pieces, they are working on their fine motor skills. The toy’s face and body are completely interchangeable, which encourages youngsters to use their creativity when rearranging the parts.

Toys are not only fun, but they can provide children with brain-building stimulation that is essential for them to reach their intellectual, social and emotional potential. After all, it is said that children’s work is play. 

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