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Counter Strike 1.6 is currently an immortal classic of the shooter genre, having millions of fans around the world. Despite the fact that over time there are more and more new games that fill the sphere, not a single company has not been able to offer users a decent alternative to the classic CS 1.6, because it is not just a unique gameplay, but also a long history, in which everyone perceives this game in their own way…Check here if you want to download full cs 1.6 game.

CS 1.6 game

For many, today adults, people CS 1.6 has become the door to the world of computer games. ThankS to its extreme simplicity that allows you to start playing even those who previously may be unfamiliar with the use of PC, the game has become incredibly popular. However, despite the simple gameplay, it is difficult to become a master of it, and you have to spend hundreds of hours to reach the top level.

Due to all of this Counter Strike 1.6 has quickly become one of the leading cyber sports disciplines, becoming a reflection of the competitive spirit in the field of computer games. After all, the essence of CS – is not the confrontation of terrorists and special forces, and the confrontation of players who are on an equal footing and compete to see which of them is more skilled in this game.

For those who appreciate the classics and prefer to play without any skins, our site provides an opportunity to download clean CS 1.6.

Glock in a clean version CS 1.6 Kalash in the original CS 1.6 Avp in the original CS 1.6 Deagle in a clean CS 1.6

Game description

Two teams – terrorists and special forces find themselves on the map, where they must perform a specific task. The aim of the terrorists is to protect the hostages or the mining and subsequent explosion of a particular object that is protected by law enforcement officers. At the same time, special forces must either prevent the explosion of an important point or save the hostages, without allowing them to die at the hands of offenders.

The number of players can be very different, depending on the characteristics of the map and the particular server. Most often, users play 8×8, 10×10 or 16×16.

Killing opponents and achieving the task set for the team on a particular map, brings the player or all allies money, which at the beginning of the round can be spent to buy new weapons and various equipment.

Thus, in order to start playing Counter Strike 1.6, you just need to know how to use the mouse, and all the other skills will come with time.

Over time, users began to create a variety of builds that could significantly change the visualization of gameplay, and many sites have started to provide a client with the original modified config, graphics and other elements. However, many users have remained faithful to the classic version without any changes, which you can customize yourself to your preferences, and it is to them we offer to download CS 1.6 “Original”

Features of the build

  • Pure CS 1.6 can be downloaded both from the website and through a torrent client;
  • The game client is based on the licensed version from Steam;
  • All descriptions, interface elements and voice acting are in English;
  • Config has excellent protection and is configured to play over the network.
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