Don’t get sick of dirty Friday near Amreli’s civil hospital?

Speak up: The lack of sanitation in Amreli’s civil hospital in the cleanliness campaign environment.

In this regard, the Civil Surgeon sent a letter to the Chief Officer.

Amreli city is closely linked with dirt. So the city and the dirt don’t take the name away from each other. Even when the Prime Minister of the country is talking about cleanliness and running a clean campaign environment.

Desperate dirt near the largest government civil hospital in Amreli district has demanded removal of the dirt by sending a letter to the Chief Surgeon.

In a letter to the Civil Surgeon, the front of the civil hospital, Amreli, has become dirty. So mosquitoes make people sick. As well, the hospital’s impressions are bad in terms of dirt. So that the letter is demanded at the end for immediate cleaning of the dirt.
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