Do You Enjoy American Cuisine? Here Are Some Favorite Options

Many people enjoy spending time in the kitchen, rustling different recipes that they or their family members want. Do you also like cooking? If you love eating, you may concoct something exciting and new occasionally or regularly. And that can be the reason why you want to upgrade this space often. After all, cooking is an extensive process, no matter how easy the recipe is. You have to do several tasks before and after this. For example, grocery shopping and storage and cleaning of the ingredients can be the beginning. Since a lot of time goes into this, you want the kitchen to look prim and proper, so you don’t get tired too soon before finishing your dish.

For this reason, you may indulge in minor upgrades because they are more accessible and prove less heavy on the pocket. One of the first considerations in this context can be top rated kitchen faucets. Someone with decent plumbing skills and tools can install this feature without the hassle and extra cost. Hence, it can be the go-to. Anyway, let’s focus on the cooking part as you must be taking care of the other part already. Like every American, you must also be a fan of its food diversity, and why not!

American food is like American music. It’s a combination of all the cultural influences and movements that shaped people’s lives at the time, some more recent than others. Some dishes you call “American” didn’t necessarily have been so always: they have evolved into one particular thing over time. So, here is a quick peek into some of the quintessential picks for a sense of decadence and enjoyment.

Apple pie

“As American as apple pie” is an adage you must have used yourself plenty of times. They say European immigrants got it here. Nevertheless, it has made its way into the heart of Americans everywhere. Do you know of something so ingrained in American culture that isn’t purely American? You have the answer now, right!


The Southern staple cornbread uses a certain kind of cornmeal in its preparation and often features alongside chili barbecue or your typical heart-healthy dinner. Cornbread is easy to make and affordable. You can get your ingredients at pretty much every farmer’s market. The tasty meal has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the cornerstones of southern cuisine.


Jambalaya is a rice-based dish popular in Louisiana’s Creole and Cajun cooking traditions. It originated as a way to make leftovers taste better. At its simplest, the recipe includes rice and chopped ham, chicken, or tuna, which are items you would generally find in everyday Louisiana households. The jambalaya dish can get more elaborate when your taste buds desire so. Didn’t get the hint? You can lace your meal with sausages and bacon, making it a richer flavor experience. Whether you don’t want to cook or cook something quickly, this one-pot meal of health and taste can be the best bet.

Buffalo wings

From humble beginnings, chicken wings have now turned into one of the most popular foods in America, especially those marinated fried varieties. Buffalo wings arguably became popular from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. The dish has become a sensation across America and is now a staple of the American culinary landscape.

Hot dogs

While everyone in the world is familiar with hot dogs, most are unaware of their exciting history and the truth about when they first appeared in the United States. It all started years ago when German immigrants were on their way to America and discovered that they could preserve sausages during the long journey.

More and more Germans immigrated to America. The German culture finally grew so big that it spread all over New York, Chicago, and many other major cities in the North-East part of America. What became very common for German immigrants was to prepare meals where they would pack as much meat as possible into a roll or bread. Later on, people started to add different ingredients like ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, etc. That led to the origin of the American hot dog that everyone loves today.


S’mores originated as an old American custom practiced by Girl Scouts. There were no recipes for these desserts back in 1927, but the ingredients for these pies were a delicious mixture of graham cracker sandwiches combined with melted marshmallows and chocolate squares. There have been different ways to cook s’mores – over a fireplace or at the end of the barbeque grill. Some even cook them in the microwave. S’mores stands for “some more,” meaning that you would want more S’more pies to eat after having one. Taste buds still crave this tasty treat decades later, and now it is available everywhere.

Cheese curds

Cheese curds are little nuggets of cheese that have a similar consistency to cottage cheese. They originated from the French name “crud” (which means fresh cheese). In Canada, they are identifiable as “squeaky cheese” because they make a squeaking sound when put against the palate when you eat. Curds are a popular North American snack, deep-fried appetizers eaten before dinner, or even sliced up and put in stews.

Traditionally crafted in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, cheese curds are a by-product of cheese making when the cheese becomes firm and separates from its whey suspension. The low-calorie snack is effortless to prepare at home, especially for people with lactose intolerance.You have to leave freshly made cheese to thicken overnight, then scoop out the tangy solid pieces formed into lumps or cubes and serve with crackers or bread.

The taste and flavors of American food are as rich as its cultural landscape, which stands for diversity and intermingling of different influences while cherishing the authentic American feel. Hence, if you are a food lover, you cannot stay away from trying them at least once in a while. Some are easy to cook, and some you can order from your favorite places. Either way, enjoyment is a guarantee.

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