Coronavirus Impact: Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing

In the past few weeks, the covid-19 pandemic affect people’s lives As far as they can see in the news feed update about the pandemic. The sad part of this situation is the extent to which the coronavirus will continue to affect lives is yet to be determined. in this situation When every business or industry is affected Their marketing strategies will also be affected.

Even before the epidemic, Social media marketing has become an essential part of any marketing strategy. in the current situation, Social media strategies will vary from brand to brand, however, there is still a lot of confusion as to which approach can yield the most results.

Although there is no clear answer But there are some do’s and don’ts that leading advertising companies would recommend to any brand

Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you succeed with social media marketing in the current situation.

  • What can marketers do?

  1. offer support

Every brand plays a different role in the lives of consumers. In times of crisis, if brands only think about profits. It will not help over the long haul . In fact, there’s a high chance the plan will work back. There is no single way to expand support in the current situation. It is entirely up to the owner. It can be donated to charity or certain products or services can offer discounted prices to customers. In times of coronavirus, copying competitor actions won’t help. Every step from social media marketing to a brand that makes customers feel relieved or more convenient is welcome.

  1. Stop irrelevant auto messages

Everyone is struggling during this time of COVID-19. It only makes sense if brands depend on their industry to assess. and make some changes to the creative copy for sensitive reasons. For example, let’s take an example of the tourism or hospitality industry. If an airline or hotel sends a message to a customer requesting a discounted price It won’t impress the brand, so it’s advisable for brands to analyze whether ad placements are appropriate for their current situation. If not There is always a way to improvise and adapt the message according to the environment.

  1. Increase your brand presence through proprietary media.

Almost all businesses were affected. And the cost will be affected as well, so we recommend that brands should invest more in media ownership, such as email, blogs, and SEO, organic new marketing team can research keywords with keywords that exist. in the top and can be used in the content Brands can take advantage of the fact that people all over the world are at home. By publishing relevant content or sending it via email, it increases engagement rates. In fact, This is a great time to create an effective content marketing plan and implement it.

  1. Add digital marketing to your crisis management plan.

Of course, the coronavirus is a global crisis right now. But it cannot be considered the last time. No brand is prepared for the impact of this pandemic on their business. It is recommended that your digital marketing plan be consistent with that plan. Factors such as the potential risks of the company should be considered. Which autotext to stop or change? and general response strategies, etc., should be considered. Even a trial can be done to see if the plan is working for the next crisis in the business.


  • What Marketers Shouldn’t Do?

  1. Don’t take advantage of the situation

Numerous cases of some individuals attempting to exploit fear on people have surfaced in the past few weeks. Global supply is declining. And some marketers buy and resell for 5-10 times higher. Don’t take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to get money fast. Even if the brand makes a lot of money But the brand, it will not take long, because the customer will not repeat when the pandemic has ended if the brand has nothing to offer in the current circumstances. Suggesting they refrain from posting anything, Corona Beer Company has chosen not to mention the COVID-19 outbreak at all.

  1. Don’t get rid of paid ads completely.

Every brand is re-evaluating their digital marketing strategies. even in times of crisis, there is still a hidden opportunity. If a brand has completely abandoned paid advertising. That brand is left behind when things go wrong. starting to return to normal The logic behind it is pretty simple. Now people spend more time online than ever.

They are still looking for products and services, so instead of stopping all paid advertising. Find the most effective ads and channel your resources in that direction. The current global lockdown is also the perfect time to get creative. Check out other brand’s creative campaigns for inspiration.

  1. Don’t neglect social media platforms.

The news feed is sorted by coronavirus news around the world. Brands can disrupt this news cycle by publishing relevant and timely posts about brands, as social distancing reduces the likelihood of physical contact. People are turning to social media platforms to stay in touch with their loved ones, so this can be a great opportunity for brands to increase their following through these platforms. If not the required brand of consumables Posting on social media will ensure that the brand is not forgotten. And people will come back to use the same brand again when normal life is back to normal.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

For small or medium-sized businesses depending on the industry Managing, everything right now can become overwhelming . Marketing teams, on the other hand, are fully functional, so business owners can delegate the task of managing social media pages from their lists to their digital marketing team specifically. Although the first search requires research. But once the team has been finalized Business owners can leave the rest to them. Of course, this is just an example. Business owners should not hesitate to hire any jobs now, if possible.


All in all, the timing of the coronavirus pandemic is equally confusing for both brands and consumers. There is no proven way to stay relevant for a brand. It’s because the way consumers spend their time online in the coming months will be extremely unpredictable. The only way for brands to stay relevant is to be sensitive to the circumstances of their customers when publishing content online. Tracking information of various social media platforms around the world may also be helpful. Experiment with a few strategies and find out what works best for your industry.

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