Competency Based Education and its Benefits

Competency-Based Education or the CBE approach to learning is a high-intensity learning approach that is especially effective in the current scenario. It is a radical shift from the traditional time-based learning approach toward a knowledge-based learning approach. It is a skill-based approach to teaching which successfully busts the myth that learning has to be restricted to the classroom and is time-bound. These learning programs are based on developing the skills and competencies required for a particular field or career. It focuses solely on the learning outcomes of the students and not particularly on the time spent in the classroom or credits earned. It is a mastery-driven learning approach where the students work at their own pace towards achieving mastery in the chosen discipline.

With the worldwide adoption of online education, the number of CBE courses is also showing a huge spurt. This is because an online class allows students and educators the flexibility to teach and learn from anywhere and at any time. Similarly, CBE courses are popular among students owing to their flexibility and affordability which makes CBE and eLearning a good fit. Most of the CBE programs are administered remotely which makes them popular among and suitable for teaching working professionals, helping them improve their skills and stepping ahead in their careers. Here are the top benefits of Competency-Based Education and why you should try them if you are willing to take your career to new heights. So, without further ado, let us take a look at each one of them….

Self-Paced Learning-

Each learner is different and so are their methods of understanding. It doesn’t matter at what speed they learn, all that matters is the end goal. This is why a self-paced learning approach is oftentimes more beneficial than a traditional time-bound approach to learning. CBE programs allow the students to learn at their own pace and focus on understanding each concept in its totality rather than compromising their understanding by a time-bound teaching style.


Just like MOOC courses, CBE programs are for a large part, created with the aim of improving the quality of education while lowering the costs. Even though the cost of CBE courses varies by the institution, subject, program and student learning pace, it still costs peanuts when compared with traditional courses. Moreover, it also incentivizes the students to focus more by making the courses cheaper if the students finish it in less time.

Skill Development-

the 21st century is the age where companies are actively looking for skilled and competent workers, rather than unskilled workers with fancy degrees and certifications. CBE courses are specifically targeted toward developing skills in the students thereby making them more employable with minimum time and effort spent on upskilling. This makes the students ready for the workplace and helps them gain expertise in their chosen field.

Highly Engaging

The good thing about CBE programs is that they are specifically designed for what the students need most. Moreover, it provides the students a sense of ownership over the learning process and actively involves them in their own learning. Apart from this, CBE programs are designed to cater to a wide array of learning styles which promotes personalized learning among students. In other words, CBE programs have all the necessary elements which make such programs perfectly geared towards driving up the level of student engagement in the classroom.


The most important reason behind making CBE programs a top pick among modern day learners is the flexibility which these programs provide. Competency-based programs are often very flexible with the structure and mode of delivery of the content as well. There is no fixed schedule, deadlines or classes. Instead, the students get to learn at their own pace and pick a time which is suitable for them. Students are their own guide and they get complete control over where they complete their project and assignments. CBE programs also allow the students to enter at any level based upon their prior experience and exposure.

Competency-based programs are a great tool for such learners who wish to upskill themselves and move forward in the career of their choice. The benefits of CBE programs mentioned here make it quite clear that they can teach us a lot in a relatively short amount of time and at a lower cost than traditional programs.

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