Challenges That Can Make Breastfeeding Harder

Breastfeeding is Natural, but So is Walking

Babies don’t come out of the womb running around. They’ve got to crawl, toddle, stumble, fall, and continue the process until they figure out how to balance their oversized heads on their little shoulders. Once they figure that out, running is hard to avoid. But there’s still a learning curve.

As a mother, you shouldn’t be surprised that properly nursing your child will also have a learning curve. Just as some babies learn to walk and run quicker than others, some mothers have less difficulty with breastfeeding than others. Still, you’ll have to figure out what works best for you and your newborn.

Here we’ll briefly explore several common issues new mothers face when they decide to breastfeed, and how you can overcome these issues.

  1. Milk Production

Your body might not produce enough milk to satiate your child’s hunger. This can be owing to diet, lifestyle, genes, or a combination of all three. If diet is the issue, start eating oats, protein, nuts, fenugreek, and similar food items—here’s a link with some considerable info.

If the issue comes from a lifestyle choice such as those that lead to eating disorders, change your lifestyle. For genetic complications, there may or may not be help; ask your doctor.

  1. Achieving The Latch

One of the biggest challenges for newborns and new moms is achieving the proper latch. You’ve never fed a newborn with your very physical being, and your baby has just transcended the womb to achieve a higher consciousness. You’re both at odds, here! Expert help is recommendable, follow the link for proper latch breastfeeding techniques.

  1. Sore Paps, Mastitis, and Clogged Milk Ducts

If you’ve never breastfed before, your nipples are likely going to get sore. They toughen up eventually, but before then, you’re going to be a little uncomfortable. Also, inflammation of the breasts in the form of mastitis may develop from something like a clogged milk duct. Clogged milk ducts can result from poor latch technique.

Everything is interconnected. If you’re getting one thing wrong, it could lead to other issues. Thankfully, you can use lanolin on sore paps, as well as petroleum jelly or your own breast milk. For clogged milk ducts, you’ll want to consult the help of professionals; the same is true of mastitis.

Being Able to More Efficiently Nourish Your Child

Sore paps, mastitis, clogged milk ducts, milk production, and latch issues are just a few of the most common struggles you’ll likely find silhouette breastfeeding as a new mom. All of these challenges have been experienced by billions of mothers who have gone before you, and there are all sorts of remedies the professionals can help you find.

That said, you have to seek out help to find it. While some mothers never have trouble breastfeeding, this tends to be the exception rather than the rule. Accordingly, find trusted breastfeeding support before the child is born.

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