Candidates for European Footballer of the Year

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has announced that the newly signed Italian midfielder has won the prestigious Golden Ball or Golden Ball and will replace Ronaldinho as European Footballer of the Year. This surprised many and aroused more than a few eyes. Not because of Cinnabar’s choice, but because of his main activities during the World Cup, but not before the expected award winner is announced until November 27. Surely this means one of two things. The first of these is that French football, the newspaper that really has the prize, has a mole of the field and is trying to greatly improve its security, instead of living according to the traditions of the Senator. Calderon Madridistas and personal satisfaction newspaper columns. Advertising.

Had Calderon wanted to rush into the media he would have been a happy man. It wasn’t too late for the Italian press to announce: “Cinnabar, that’s true.” (Gazettal dells Sport) and: “The Golden Ball to Cinnabar.” (Sarah’s Courier). Despite the exciting nature of the Italian media, the issue seems to have come to an end. He changes the purpose of this article from a preview to the front, to the choice of a close man. However, the famous trophy has not yet created difficulties for the Italian captain of Fangs Shum in Convert Chess and so I will continue with my original intentions.

The French football magazine created Billon D’Or in 1956.

Europe began to recover from the plagues of World War II a decade ago, at a time when football was enjoying its progress as a world 해외축구 중계사이트. The first European Cup (now known as the UEFA Champions League) was played in the same year, and Black pool player Stanley Mathews was named the first player of the year in Europe. In the following years, the winning team from Madrid dominated the awards, with their inaugural secretary Alfredo Di Stefano winning the title twice. The idea of ​​the award has shown that football is now a sport that brings together people from different countries, which is important considering that most of the continent has been in battle for more than a decade. Although held by France’s leading football publishing house, the award is based on the opinion of journalists across Europe.

The prize has spread evenly across the football lights

of European clubs over the years, with Juventus leading by eight wins (which could be extended if they do not intervene in the scandal of setting up football matches). Calciopoli), AC Milan (seven), Barcelona. (Six), followed by Real Madrid (five) and Byrne Munich (five). It is worth noting that the awards ceremony is traditionally held in November each year (Luis Figs and Renaldo, for example, went to Madrid a few months before the presentation). The only major change from the start of the prize was when the winner was ordered in 1995 not to be a European by nationality, and his contract was held only by a club under UEFA jurisdiction (which was a joy on the surface of Liberia. V.).


A clear starting point for such an award is to start from where we did last year.

Ronaldinho, the Brazilian who won the award last year, for reaffirming himself as the best player on the planet (to proudly sit on the cover next to the World Player of the Year award) . It was a disappointing year for the Barcelona man, due to his very high standards. Although he won the Champions League with his medal score, he was relatively inferior to his Brazilian team (and the choice of the previous tournament) at the World Cup (which is generally considered to be the deciding factor for the prize). ). The semifinals are highly praised as the end of sixth place. Of his teammates, Kaka is the only one having fun in Germany, and unfortunately ended the season before AC Milan despite his growing reputation as a force to be reckoned with in world football, and despite his ability. to win future awards.

As we have seen, the winner of the prize will often be greatly influenced by great rivalries. Take, for example, the Ronaldo Ballon D’Or Prize 2002. After another traumatic season in Italy with the International, the L phenomenon (as his beloved fans call him) has been activated in the Far East to help Brazil claim the fifth world. The trophy went on to score eight incredible points along the way, knocking out some of the demons that were defeated in the 1998 game. Although many people have commented on

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