Buy best MMA head guard from Habrok in 2021

A head guard is an essential piece of kit for any MMA fighter. As well as keeping you safe in the ring, the right MMA head guard will enhance your performance and give you peace of mind. At Habrok, we take your safety seriously, which is why we offer the best MMA head guard and protective gear. To optimize your safety and fighting performance today, take a look at our best MMA head guards now:

1. X 2.0

Crafted from X-Tech synthetic leather and stitched to perfection, the Habrok X 2.0 head guard gives you all the protection you need. Our proprietary X-Tech foam is surrounded by a high-density machine injected mold to deliver optimized management.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. As well as being anti-bacterial and easy to keep clean, the breathable fabric and fresh vent ensure a clean, fresh feel, no matter how long you’ve been in the ring. Dual secure Velcro ensures the X 2.0 stays in place for as long as you need it to while being easy to wear.

2. Centurion X

Part of our stunning Centurion collection, the Centurion X head guard combines style and performance to deliver one of the best MMA head guards out there. You’ll find all the benefits of the X 2.0 built into the Centurion X head guard, along with some ancient warrior spirit to inspire you.

3. XT 2.0

Take your fight to the next level with the Habrok XT 2.0 MMA head guard. Combining S-Tech synthetic leather with pre-curved high-density padding and a foam-injected mold is as durable and robust as you need it to be.

You’ll benefit from the XT 2.0’s ergonomic curved fit, which ensures it stays comfortable throughout your fight, while the dual Velcro straps keep your head guard in place. With no edge to cause injuries, you can be confident that the XT 2.0 will help to keep you safe as you take on your opponents.

What’s more – it’s available in a wide range of colors, including blue, green, and orange, so you can incorporate your own unique style into your fighting apparel.

4. X1

For younger fighters, the Habrok X1 is the ideal head guard for MMA. Built to smaller specifications, it’s perfectly designed for kids and brings all the benefits of the X 2.0 to smaller heads. Adequate protection is essential for all fighters but it’s particularly important that kids wear safety gear that’s designed to fit them well. Head guards which are too large only offer limited protection, which is why the Habrok X1 should be the go-to head guard for any young MMA fighter.

Choose the Best MMA Head Guard Now

Combining exceptional design with advanced technology, our range of MMA head guards delivers an enhanced level of protection. Whether you’re new to MMA or have been fighting for years, there’s no doubt that Habrok head guards can enhance your performance, increase your safety and boost your confidence.

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