Build a loft style house : Everything you Need to Know

Build a loft style house

Nowadays, we can see the construction of loft style houses รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรีeverywhere. Because it has a unique identity that represents the raw, cool, unique. Before we go to look at different types of loft-style houses, whether it’s a single-storey house. half-storey house or a two-story house Let’s take a look at the highlights of this house first.

People who are looking for inspiration to decorate an old house or renovate an old house to look modern. Come today, I have a loft style home รับสร้างบ้านโคราช decoration to present. Many people may be wondering whether What is that loft? How to decorate it to come out of the loft And how can our old house look modern like a loft? Come today to help answer your questions.

What is loft style?

What is the loft style? For those who still can’t imagine Come on, I’ll tell you. If anyone has ever seen a movie with a beautiful girl like Anne Hathaway plays often. You might have seen the Loft style through your eyes. Both from the movie One Day. The house that I live in was converted from an old building. Or the office from the movie The Intern, all have a loft style.

What is a loft?

Loft style house It began to take place after World War II. The aftermath of the war caused the economic depression. Many factories were closed. Therefore, those closed factories were converted into residences instead. It is the origin of the loft style house today. Loft-style houses are charming in that they emphasize on raw coolness. Show the original structure, including columns, steel frames, bare cement walls, red bricks, steel pipes, as well as clearly visible lighting and pipe systems. It is different from other style houses, including high ceilings for airiness and width. Focus on the wide and long windows to make the house look bright and let in natural light.

The principle is simple: the original structure must be preserved. Without changing the structure, pipes, columns, beams are open for show. No need to keep. This is the beauty of Loft.

If you want to build a loft house, what do you have to do? The heart of the loft is simple.

  • -High roof, bare wall or bare cement
  • – Simple large glass windows exposure and wind
  • – making mezzanine
  • – Install a simple lamp come down from above
  • -Minimal furniture that floats that can be moved around.
  • -Don’t forget to focus on white, black, brown, gray tones.

Why Loft?

Loft style houses are becoming more widespread. with a modern look It looks tidy, looks expensive, but it can be overpowered by the rawness by showing off the pipes or wires. It is considered a mixture of modernity all the time. Even though its origins are almost 70 years ago, it still looks modern. The character of the loft style is probably a cool guy. I have a good lifestyle and artistic sense, but it’s neat and organized.

Loft style home decoration ideas

-” Iron ” is considered another material of choice for lovers of home decoration in loft and industrial style. With a simple but beautiful that is never outdated in itself. It is also durable and strong, so it’s not strange if it becomes a popular material for people who love to decorate their homes with loft style. So are the following ideas. How to pick up iron to decorate your home to look cool?

– Stylishly cool in the dining room. Say goodbye to dullness by choosing materials like steel as the main item to decorate your loft-style dining room. Whether it’s the ceiling, beams, pillars, steel can be brought into the interior. It also blends seamlessly with tables and chairs.

– Stylish steel shelf In addition to the use of steel material as the main structure of the interior of the house, the durability and strength of steel materials make it a part of the furniture for many people to pick up. Including being used as a wall shelf as well. And this idea is the same. Use dark black iron to make a wall shelf to place above your desk, calendars, picture frames, flower vases, and small things.

– Smooth, cool like a loft Everyone wants their own home to look cool. This idea is similar to the idea above. by bringing steel to make a floor-standing shelf to use to place Huang’s love reflect your style

– Lead your eyes with stairs Bring the atmosphere of an industrial factory into your home. with a simple but sleek steel staircase leading to the second floor. Railing with thin lines Now your house is more hipster than anyone.

– Beautify the walls Easily add gimmicks to your walls with this DIY work from steel. Used to make a chic wall lamp. Especially paired with leather sofas. It helps to make the atmosphere of the room look unbelievably cool.

– Creative furniture Create a new piece of furniture that is second to none. By combining cool steel materials with wood work to create a warm look. But it does not leave a mark of its own coolness. used as a bar table leg sitting by the window lined with small plant pots not too raw

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