Bladder Infection: What to Do To Ease the Symptoms

Bladder infections are a common type of urinary tract infection. It happens when bacteria enter your urethra and go to the bladder. Here, the bacteria multiply quickly and cause a bladder infection. Anyone can develop a bladder infection. Studies say that it is more common in women than men. A best general physician in islamabad reveals that women often develop the bladder infection once in a lifetime or some of them can develop it again. Women have short urethra which puts them at high risk.

There are some common symptoms that can help you find out if you are suffering from a bladder infection.

  • You feel or experience painful urination or burning sensation.
  • Feeling to go to the toilet more or to empty the bladder.
  • More urination than usual
  • Smell foul or it may appear cloudy
  • Most bladder infections are known as simple ones as they can be treated easily without any treatment.
  • For complicated bladder infections, you should get medical help as soon as possible. If it is a mild one, you should try home remedies to deal with the infection.

Let’s find out what you can do at home.

Stay Hydrated

A bladder infection occurs when bacteria enter the urethra. When you drink enough water, it helps to flush out the bacteria and other toxins. You should drink water or other fluids as it dissolves all the toxins and other bacteria and gets rid of them through urination.

Additional fluids can also help you to dilute your urine and you will feel less pain while urinating. During the healing process, you may experience painful urination. But water can help you get rid of the pain.

But experts believe that water is the best solution to flush out the bacteria. You can also present the infection by drinking enough water.

Apply heating pad

At night, you may feel irritation or maybe more uncomfortable due to the bladder infection. You can ease the pain with a heating pad. It can help your body to rest at night without feeling any irritation.

Over-the-counter medicine for pain 

Antibiotics treat the infections and also slow the progress of the infection. But you need to take some OTC for its other symptoms, like pain in your pelvis area. Your doctor can help you with the over-the-counter pain reliever. Before your antibiotics start working, you may need some of the pain relievers to ease the symptoms.

A Cup of Cranberry Juice

A bladder infection is also treated with cranberry juice. Studies support cranberries to treat bladder infections. Its juice can also help you heal faster and protect you against bladder infection.

This juice is beneficial because it contains antibacterial properties that

fight off bacteria and treat

Ask your doctor for antibiotic 

Diagnosed with a bladder infection is not life-threatening. Your doctor may prescribe you an oral antibiotic that can help to get rid of the bacteria which lead to bladder infections. Researchers say that use of antibiotics is more effective than placebo.

Prescribed antibiotics courses can help your body to heal faster without any delay. You will see the improvement only after a few days of starting the antibiotic course.

Appropriate dress

Warm and moist environments are the common thriving points for bacteria. Women are more likely to get bladder infections. They should avoid wearing tight jeans and other clothes to avoid the moisture trapped in the sensitive areas.

Loose pants and cotton panties to avoid bacteria growth.

How to prevent bladder infection? 

Here are some lifestyle changes that can help your body to prevent bladder infections. The following steps can prevent infections in the bladder.

  • Go to urinate when you feel it.
  • Drink enough water according to weather and need.
  •  Avoid the baths but take showers that do not promote bacteria growth.
  • Women should wipe the area from front to back after urination.
  • Use cotton underwear.
  • Do not repeat the underwear as it can increase the bacteria growth and spread.
  • Eat a diet that reduces acidity but not with many spices.

Final Thought

The risk of serious health complications is low when you take medical treatment for bladder infection. Go with a healthy diet and exercise. Make sure that you consult your doctor when you feel pain while urinating.

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