Best Pc Engine CD Games: That You Must Play

Best Pc Engine cd games was a mythical console in Japan, it has several games in HuCard that are indispensable. But … what about the games that came out on CD-ROM? Are there any that are fun or even essential?

The CD ROM format allowed high quality CGs and soundtracks on this console, what games should we watch out for?

We are going to try, together, to make a list of those games that any user should, at least, try. I know that Scarr is one of the most proficient on the subject, so it will be appreciated if you give your opinion.

We all know that Castlevania: Rondo of blood, considered one of the best Castlevania arcades, and Winds of Thunder appeared on this console, a horizontal cut Shoot’em Up.

What else can I play on this console, without knowing Japanese?

Final Zone II . It is a “Run and gun” with an overhead view, Capcom Commando type, but with its own personality and playability. The soundtrack is great and very good. Although the game is more than correct, it has a bad reputation for its western version: apparently the English dubbing is terrible, so you definitely have to go for the Japanese version.

Best pc engine cd games

Red Alert . Another “Run and gun” overhead, more similar to Commando, by theme and gameplay, with a clone of Rambo as the protagonist, and some Power Ups that are appreciated when there are many enemies on the screen.

best pc engine cd games

Pomping World . Conversion of the mythical first Pang. The graphics that intersperse phases, with the protagonists, have been redrawn and the soundtrack is an arrange on CD. And with the possibility of playing two at the same time.

best pc engine cd games

Prince of Persia . I am not going to say that it is the best version, personally I do not believe it and it is difficult to decide on one in particular, but I do think that it is one of the most recommended, due to the technical and sound aspect.

Best pc engine cd games : prince of Persia

Double Dragon 2: The Revenge . Remake of the NES Double Dragon 2, which was somewhat different from the arcade. This is the best version of the classic pc engine cd game.

R-Type Complete . A classic of the arcades. Appeared divided into two HuCards for the original PcEngine, this Complete version is the game as it should have been, as well as having cgs and a “rearranged” soundtrack.

best pc engine cd games

Valis . The Valis saga deserves a separate comment. They are action platforms, similar to the first Castlevania, starring a Magic Girl (Sailor Moon type, to understand us: a normal girl who can transform into a heroine). The different episodes of the saga have appeared in multiple systems, but it is in Pc Engine (in my view) where you can enjoy the best versions of each of the deliveries. And where is the complete saga, of course.


Ranma ½ otakus : Goose Musabetsu Kakuto-ryu! . There are three Ranma games, if I’m not mistaken, on Pc Engine. This in particular is an atypical fighting game that recreates several scenes from the manga / anime, and that surely brings more than a smile to the fans. It’s possibly the best engine cd games.

best pc engine cd games

Dragon Ball Z . As in this Ranma that I was commenting on, it is an atypical 1 vs 1 fighting game that will delight the fan, recreating various battles (which we can choose at the start of the game), although in this case the gameplay is more complex.

pc engine cd games

Future Boy Conan . Game based on the 1978 Hayao Miyazaki anime (later founded by Studio Ghibli). An action platformer that follows the adventures of the series on which it is based.

best pc engine cd games

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