Best Over-the-Door Shoe Racks to Organise Your Closet

Many of us have wondered where our shoes are, whether it’s the children searching for shoes for school or your spouse looking for work shoes. We spend weekends cleaning out the closet and placing the shoes on the ground. Things get kicked, tossed or thrown around and the closet becomes a mess again.

You don’t want to have to worry about losing your shoe while everyone else is getting ready for work. Over-the-door shoe racks are the best because they not only organise shoes in an easily-seeable format, but also keep shoes out of reach. This means that there is no need to look under beds or trip over shoes in hallways.

  1. BEST ALL: Simple House ware Clear Over The Door
  2. RUNNERUP: MISSLO Organiser for Door Shoes
  3. BEST BANG for the Buck: AOODA Clear Hanging Shoe Organiser Above the Door
  4. UPGRADE PIICK: SHOE Organizer
  5. Whitmor 18-Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack: BEST METAL RACK
  6. BEST STORAGE BINS: Lovotex 24 Slot Hanging Shoe Organiser In Closet
  8. BEST SPACE SAVER: Simple Houseware 24 Pockets – 2PK

What You Need to Consider When Choosing the Best Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

It’s important to think about what features your best over-the-door shoe rack should have. This will ensure that you don’t end up with something that doesn’t meet your exact needs. Consider details such as the material, the capacity or size of the rack, how it hangs and any other potential uses.


Shoe racks are available in a variety of materials including canvas fabric, metal and mesh. The material used to make the rack matters for several reasons. The first is the material’s durability. Shoes can get dirty easily and are often thrown around, or pushed back into the rack. Strong materials will last for a long time.

The material should also be easy to clean. Many shoe racks are made from a mixture of clear plastic and fabric. It’s easy to see your shoes and easier to clean up dirt from garden shoes.

The rack’s aesthetics will also affect the way it looks in the space. A brightly colored plastic shoe rack won’t blend well in a room with a neutral or muted colour palette.

Capacity and Size

While some may only own two to four shoes, others have more than that. The shoe rack must be sized and able to hold the shoes, regardless of where you are on the shoe rack scale. If you have three shoes to store, there is no need to buy a large model. It is important to ensure that there is enough room for your favourite shoe collection.

Many shoe racks over the door can also be used to store socks and handbags. These extra features can make getting ready for the day easier.


There are three types of hanging shoe racks:

  • Soft-sided styles come with pockets-like compartments that can hold the shoes.
  • Mini shelves with stiff sides allow shoes inside.
  • Shoes can slide over and be hung with metal hooks

These forms are available in many variations, but these are the basic ones. One of these types might work better than another depending on your space, your needs and the size of the shoes you need to store.

A soft-sided, pocket shoe rack is ideal for sandal and flip-flop collections. Although the pockets aren’t too big, they can hold your sandals well. Cubbies can be used for heels, boots or gym shoes. They won’t fall on the shoe or ruin delicate designs or materials.

Hanging Mechanism

The majority of shoe racks over the door are attached to the door with a hook that holds the rack onto the door and extends over the top. These racks are very popular as they don’t require any hardware or make holes in the door. The rack can be easily moved and shifted because the hooks are thin.

Racks that require additional hardware may need to have holes drilled in the door for hooks to be attached. Some hooks are smaller and more round, and hang from a closet’s hanger rod. These types of hooks are rarer.


Some of the most popular over-the-door shoe racks have extra-large pockets, cubbies or cloth drawers for storing items such as socks and purses. Many racks have compartments that can be adjusted to accommodate different shoe types and sizes. This rack is great for people who share it with someone else whose feet may be different from theirs. This design is also great for kids who need to keep rain boots next to their sandals and play shoes.

Our Top Picks

There are many types of footwear: sandals, shoes, boots, shoes for walking, running, and gym, as well as shoes that can be worn on the feet. Many people have a treasured collection of shoes. The choices are endless. But, these collections can quickly become overwhelming and make it difficult to organise a closet. These are the top-rated over-the-door shoe racks, as ranked by the above criteria.

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