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Movenpick Caffe Crema

Versatile and multifaceted product, which is a unique blend consisting only of Arabica, which is grown only in mountainous regions. This allows you to guarantee a velvety cream of golden color. Due to this, you can get a very tasty drink with an expanded bouquet of aromas and a pleasant aftertaste. The composition of the grains does not contain too much caffeine, so you can drink a drink based on them several times a day. This coffee can be used as an optimal base for espresso-based soft drinks. It is allowed to be used in coffee machines, but the drink needs a high brewing temperature. Otherwise, a pronounced sourness is felt, which negatively affects the taste of coffee. find Out Coffee shops near me

like most of the coffee varieties presented in our review, the packaging with this drink is also equipped with a special valve. It is used not only to release the resulting gases, but also so that the buyer can immediately feel the full aroma of this drink. The shape of the valve is original – it is not a detachable petal, but a washer made of plastic. Its interior is filled with porous foam. The degree of roasting is closer to strong – level 4. The aroma is very strong. During cooking, a thick milk chocolate-colored foam is formed. The shelf life of grains is 15 months.

  • High-quality products of German production;
  • Made from 100% Arabica coffee grown in the highlands;
  • The packaging has the original degassing valve;
  • When cooking, a fairly thick foam is formed;
  • The aroma is soft, though very intense;
  • Has a slight bitterness;
  • Often found in chain stores, and at a very reasonable price.


  • The packaging does not indicate the date of manufacture of coffee (for true connoisseurs of the drink, this moment is very important);
  • The exact growing region of Arabica is not specified.

Kimbo Extra Cream

Despite the fact that this brand appeared on the shelves of Russian stores relatively recently, it has already gained popularity among connoisseurs of this strong hot drink. The products are of excellent quality and noble taste. The variety is perfect for people who prefer a medium, even closer to a soft, bean roast. This is the first combined coffee of the highest grade, which consists of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta. The drink turns out soft and tender, not a single note of astringency was found in it. A cappuccino prepared on the basis of this variety is very tasty and fragrant. There is absolutely no sourness here, although a barely perceptible bitterness is still present.

Italian-made coffee, information in Russian is present only on the sticker. The grains are carefully selected – they are almost the same in size, have a chocolate color, and they are quite soft, which allows them to be ground to the desired fraction within a few seconds. Coffee is suitable for both Turks and high five coffee machines. Literally immediately after the start of cooking, a beautiful and thick foam becomes noticeable, colored in the color of cocoa with milk. The drink is not too strong, but it contains a decent amount of caffeine. The aroma is simply gorgeous, even when you just open the package.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Very tasty drink;
  • A decent fortress;
  • During cooking, a persistent foam appears;
  • There is no sourness;
  • Strong and long lasting fragrance.


  • The aftertaste is just coffee, there are no additional notes here.

Lavazza Caffe Espresso

This is one of the most expensive mixtures produced by this Italian manufacturer. Raw materials for the drink are purchased from farms in Central America and Africa. The grains are roasted exclusively by hand and as evenly as possible, which has a positive effect on obtaining an unsurpassed delicate aroma and a carefully balanced harmonious taste. The drink is delivered in a reliable vacuum package, equipped with a special hermetic valve. The pack is quite hard and tough, and the coffee itself can be used to make a wide variety of varieties. All grains are well-matched, have the same size and color. The fragrance is rather faint right out of the box, but still noticeable. The smell is fully revealed during the preparation of the drink. The foam during cooking is not too high, but very resistant.

The variety is produced exclusively from Arabica, there is a slight sourness, but the taste is quite mild. The aftertaste is felt for a long time, but it is not very pronounced. It contains little caffeine, so you can enjoy the drink several times a day. The grade is suitable for any devices intended for preparation of coffee – a geyser coffee maker, coffee machines, Turks.


  • Produced from carefully selected and hand-roasted grains;
  • Can be used to prepare various drinks in many ways;
  • Much tastier compared to other drinks of this New brand;
  • A pronounced aroma appears during cooking;
  • Long aftertaste.

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