Aboriginal People Use Their Voices In NAIDOC Week

The National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee or NAIDOC observes an entire week of celebrating and recognizing the Aboriginal people. Every year, the events are carried out from the 7th to the 14th of July. You can learn more about these celebrations and a joyous week here www.australianstogether.org.au/resources-2/naidocweek/.

The origin of the NAIDOC week is traced back to 1938’s Day of Mourning which marked a day when a group of Aboriginal people gathered at the Australian Hall in Sydney. The motive behind this gathering was to mourn and acknowledge the 150th anniversary of the first fleet landing on Australian soil.

History, Culture, and Change Is What NAIDOC Is About

The NAIDOC week is a week-long celebration across Australia that recognizes and celebrates the culture, history, and sacrifices of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The primary motive behind the week is to generate more awareness among people about the First Nation’s histories and cultures.

This is an important week because it celebrates the existence of one of the oldest and continually living cultures on the planet. The activities and events carried out during this week do an excellent job of garnering more support for the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander communities across the country.

The consequences of white settlement in Australia have long been a subject that did not receive much recognition. As a result, there was very little formal education informing people about the genuine history of the nation.

The history shared between the white Australians and the First Nation people are highly complex and even a sensitive subject to a great extent. There is much ongoing genetic trauma that still remains highly evident even to this day. While it is not easy to heal these traumas, celebrations such as NAIDOC week are a great way to get started on the way to making things better for everyone.

All of that will start and gain momentum only with more competent educators coming forward and making efforts to learn and discover more about the First Nation people. One needs to consider the real-life experiences of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. This will give a realistic insight into further adding more meaning to the NAIDOC week. Learn more about the week.

NAIDOC – A Way to Heal Country

The past is not always glorious, and it would be safe to say that it is not always easy to look back and seek accountability from people. This does not work because the people from the past are not alive anymore.

However, that does not wash away the lasting impact on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders because they still have to live with it. This is where events such as NAIDOC week serve their purpose appropriately.

Change begins when one begins to see things in a different light. Thus, informing the general public about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders becomes very helpful in enhancing the lives of people you share the country with today.

Furthermore, the shift in public opinion also fuels more effective policy addressing the First Nation people, ultimately helping heal a country from its past. Therefore, make sure to check out this NAIDOC Week and get a better understanding of Australia.

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