7 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Fryer Spik and Span!

If you work in the food and restaurant business, chances are, you have a commercial fryer in the kitchen, and you probably use this appliance for cooking and deep-frying your food in seconds.

Not only do they help to deep fry food, but these cost-efficient instruments also enhance the taste of your food and make it more tender to eat. Commercial fryers come with a ton of perks for your business.

But here’s the downfall: commercial fryers’ cleaning and maintenance processes are tedious and time-consuming. And if this is ignored, it could lead to other significant problems down the line.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do on your end to make this easier. And if you want to buy commercial deep fryers for sale, you will need to know how to take care of them.

So, make sure to read this quick post till the end to discover the answers!

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Commercial Deep Fryers

Did you know that the market size of kitchen and cookware stores in Australia came up to 1.0 billion American dollars? This shows the rapid growth of the food industry, which, in turn, highlights the importance of commercial cookware items like fryers.

And while buying commercial deep fryers for sale might be easy, the task of maintaining them might be arduous.

However, by following the tips and tricks mentioned below, you can easily keep your commercial fryer in top-notch condition without any hassle!

Here’s What You Should Do

#1 Make Sure Your Fryer Is Cleaned Everyday

This might seem like an obvious textbook rule, but unfortunately, it is overlooked most of the time.

By forgetting to clean your fryer, you will be welcoming the growth of bacteria that can cause a foul odour to your food. Besides, no restaurant wants to be known for serving odd-smelling food to their customers, right?

So make sure to clean your fryer by the end of every day to keep it spik and span. You can also strap yourself to protective gear to keep the cleaning process quick, safe and easy!

#2 Use Highest-Quality Oil

Cooking oil typically comes with a hefty price tag. Therefore, in an attempt to save money, you might settle for low-quality cooking oil. Not only will it harm your customer’s life, but it can also tamper with the quality of your commercial fryer.

To avoid this, make sure to use high-quality cooking oils. This way, you can ensure customer satisfaction while also protecting your fryer.

#3 Do Not Use the Same Oil Over and Over Again

While tempting as this might be, make sure to change the oil after every use. Moreover, make sure to use different fryers for cooking other foods.

This is because frying two foods like chicken nuggets and fish fingers in the same fryers can give an odd taste and smell. So if you want to keep your customers satisfied, make it a habit to change out the oils as much as you can.

#4 Set the Fryer Temperature Right

Each type of food gets cooked at different temperatures. The temperature that works for chicken nuggets might not work the same for fish fingers.

Therefore, before you fry a new food, make sure to change the temperature accordingly.

Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do

#1 Do Not Tamper With the Fryer

It might be appetizing to mess around with the fryer to see what it can do. However, messing around with it unnecessarily can cause it to blow off.

#2 Do Not Let Ice Stay on the Dryer

Frying frozen food items on the dryer is acceptable. However, be extra careful while frying them, as water could cause the oil to pop.

#3 Do Not Let the Oil Sit at Cooking Temperatures for Long

Keeping your fryer on for a long time may seem like a good idea, especially if your business is slow that day. However, keeping it on for a long time can reduce the lifespan of the fryer and the oil.

Parting Thoughts

And that’s all, folks!

By following these tips every day, you can ensure longevity for your commercial fryer. Sure, it is a bit of extra work after a long day. However, it is nothing compared to the total cost because of negligence.

So make sure to follow these dos and don’ts, and you can preserve your fryer for a long time.

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