6 popular myths about cloud security

Cloud has been the subject of many discussions. Although it has undergone several incarnations with successful implementation in an enterprise of all sizes, one thing remains a cause for concern. After seeing the benefits of broad opportunities in the cloud, the feeling of “data is not secure” still rounds. This concern manifests itself when customers recommend cloud options.

Even after adopting the cloud model, the following myths are still being influenced to some extent:

The whole concept of public cloud is “multitenancy”; Which is a factor of concern among some customers and they are reluctant to go to the cloud. But the fact is, cloud virtualization comes with strong partitions within data centers with different security layers on top of it. There is not much difference between the baseline traditional data centers and the data center of the cloud provider. The notable point relies on state-of-the-art security designs used to protect data. In addition, some research has shown that traditional IT datacounters may be susceptible to attacks from employees and social engineering.

Myth 2: Data stored in the cloud provides less control

The biggest myth that people believe, if they have servers in their own servers, is that they can better control their data. However it provides control and access that determines security. For example, according to Verizon’s 2014 data breech, breeches are mostly based on human errors rather than location specific reasons. For more information, see. Source: www.cisco.com

Myth 3: Cloud security is new in the market

People believe that cloud security is new in the market and therefore it is risky to rely on the application. In fact, cloud security is more or less the same as security.

Myth 4: Cloud security is entirely the responsibility of the cloud provider

It is often misunderstood that the security of applications on the cloud is entirely the responsibility of the cloud provider. The cloud provider backs up the data and will be able to restore it in the event of a security breakdown, but it does not. It is the responsibility of the customer to install a backup solution that backup data hosted on the cloud.

Myth 5: Cloud management is not required

Many believe that cloud security comes as a service in the cloud, so it does not need to be managed by customers. Many applications are left unprotected on the cloud because the customer is not aware that they need to manage their applications to secure them.

Myth 6: Compliance and security are the same

People often misunderstand the two words “security” and “complaint” but this is not the case. Security protects information in different ways while restricting access to other ports and IPs, other than those authenticated; Compliance meets the safety standards set by various organizations such as HIPPA, FISMA and PCI DSS etc.
People also feel that if they are obedient they do not need protection. This idea leads to insufficient security. Compliance complies with everything and keeps security data secure.

in conclusion:

Business on the cloud is growing rapidly and security remains a major concern. But leading cloud providers are looking into security issues that are difficult for a single company. Cloud security is preferred by cloud providers as core competencies.

Reaching top cloud security breach lists with news on popular applications such as “Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud” is a concern. However, the truth is that this breach of files was not encrypted before being sent to the cloud. In this case, even if the passwords are stolen, hackers are only able to get the data, but do not decrypt it. So we see that it is not cloudy as an issue, but the security protocol is not implemented correctly.

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