6 Clear Signs Your Old Outdoor Flags Need to Be Replaced

Many small business owners install promotional flags of different heights, shapes, designs, and colors outside their stores. These flags help these small-scale stores attract the attention of local shoppers. Plus, they’re very affordable. A small business owner can easily buy multiple customized and premium-quality outdoor flags without spending too much money. All these factors make custom flags the ideal promotional tools for small businesses.

However, unattractive-looking flags can easily have the opposite effect on target shoppers. Your business flags represent your brand. If they look dirty or damaged, consumers may get the wrong idea about your brand. So, when do custom-printed promotional flags start looking bad and unappealing? What signs of deterioration should the business owners who use these promotional flags look for? Here’s the full guide click here.

Cosmetic Damage

Custom-printed flags are so popular because they’re good-looking. A freshly printed vinyl graphic always attracts the attention of consumers. So, when your flags experience cosmetic damage, they lose much of their appeal. Cosmetic damage to promotional flags occurs due to weather-related damages. When these flags are kept outdoors for extended periods, the graphics tend to lose their quality.

The Solution: Only buy flags from sellers that offer dye-sublimation printing. This printing technique allows the flag makers to permanently embed their graphics and colors into the substrates of the flags. The graphics aren’t just printed on the flag’s surface – they’re embedded into the flag’s fibers. The graphics on your flags don’t crack, chip, fade, peel, or scratch even after years of use.

Fading Due to Sunlight Damage

Your promotional flags may start to appear dull or faded due to frequent sun exposure. Sunlight is known for having severely damaging effects on cotton flags. Flags made of vinyl, a much more sun-resistant material, perform better under sunlight. However, even your vinyl flags may fade if they’re kept outdoors, under direct sunlight, for weeks or months on end.

The Solution: Avoid installing your promotional flags outdoors for long, unchecked periods. Bring them indoors for storage after every 24-48 hours. Avoid using flags made of natural fabrics like wool, silk, or cotton. These types of fabrics fade quickly due to sunlight exposure. Only use flags made of fabrics that are blended with synthetic materials like polyester or vinyl. These materials are washable and don’t fade quickly due to sunlight damage.

Flag Tears

Inclement weather conditions can cause flags of all types to tear. Even a vinyl flag’s protective laminate coating may get damaged due to inclement weather conditions.

The Solution: For small tears, apply small patches of vinyl to the undersides of the tears. Or use specialty vinyl tape products to cover up the damaged areas. However, flags with large tears must be replaced completely.

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Dirty Flags Due to Dust and Air Pollutants

Vinyl flags can withstand years of exposure to dust, smoke, and air pollutants without picking up too much damage. However, users must look out for cosmetic surface damage on their flags and fix them as soon as they appear.

The Solution: Set up a proper cleaning schedule for your promotional flags. Use mild cleaning agents (e.g., regular detergents) to clean your vinyl flags regularly.

Do not let your flags get wet – this will cause the colors to run and the graphics to blur.


Flag Poles That Aren’t Weatherproof

Weatherproofing is a must for all flag poles that are going to be used outdoors. If the flag pole isn’t weatherproof, it will quickly start corroding due to exposure to rain, snow, and other weather elements.

The Solution: Make sure that your flag pole is made of a weatherproof material. If it’s not, then buy a weatherproofing coating and apply it to the flag pole. This will protect the flag pole from corroding and rusting.

Damaged Flag Poles

Even if your flag pole is weatherproof, it may still experience some damage over time. This damage can be caused by strong winds, inclement weather conditions, or accidental contact with hard surfaces.

The Solution: Repair any damages that occur to your flag pole as soon as possible. This will prevent the damages from getting worse and causing even more problems. Use a specialist to carry out the repairs, as they will have the necessary tools and expertise.

Now that you know how to take care of your promotional flags, you can ensure that they look great and last for a long time. Follow the tips and advice in this article to keep your flags in top condition.

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