5 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning

One of the reasons why you might be getting high energy bills during the summer is that your air conditioning system is not working well. You need to look for signs that show problems in the cooling system. It could be ice on the compressor or unusual sounds coming out of the AC. 

When you continue using AC without getting rid of the issue, the cooling system must work harder which consumes more energy. 

Here are some effective ways you can increase air conditioning efficiency. 

Reduce Heat Gain

A good way to run your air conditioners more efficiently is to reduce heat gain. One way to do so is to air-seal your home. If your house is leaky, it makes it difficult for the AC to work efficiently.

Make sure to add insulation, especially in the rooms which are more exposed to heat like the attic. If your home is exposed to direct sunlight, then cover the windows with blinds or curtains. 

Install Programmable Controls

Many people forget to turn down the thermostat. It can affect the cooling and your air conditioner may run with high energy usage. You can increase the efficiency of your HVAC energy by automating controls.

This system can help automate tasks like your thermostat and even your lights. You can also adjust your system so that your air conditioner turns off and on according to your scheduled time. 

Invest in Energy Efficient Equipment 

Consider investing in a high-energy efficient HVAC system and replacing the old system that is consuming more energy. With an advanced cooling system, you will see a good return on investment. However, newer systems are more HVAC energy efficient.

Look out for companies and read reviews to know where you can get the best-working air conditioning system. Besides buying a new system, you need to ensure routine maintenance of your AC. Instead of tackling the issues by yourself, get professional ac repair services. 

Maintain the Filters and Vents

Check the air filters of the air conditioners. If the air filters are dirty, then it means that there is less cooling and more usage. When air filters are not cleaned for a long time, they can even cause damage to the compressor. If you can’t seem to figure out the problem, then call in air filtering system repair professionals. 

Another energy-efficient tip is to keep the vents clear. Some people put their clothes over the vents that cover them up partially or completely. When the airflow is disrupted this way, the cooling is reduced throughout your home. Make sure that all vents in your home can easily move air. 

Shut Down Other Electronics

 When you are not using other electronics like computers, machinery, and exercise equipment then it’s best to shut them down. This will save energy and reduce heat production that is otherwise generated from such electronics. 

When the unused electronics are shut down, your AC will have to use less energy to cool down the home.

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