5 Trending Interior Aesthetics in Turkey

Interior aesthetics is on the rise again after the necessity surge of Turkish people to establish a place that they can call home. Here are five trending interior designs in Turkey that Turkish people can adopt in their homes now.


Byzantine continues to be Turkey’s traditional aesthetic because of how much sentimental history had impacted the interior design industry. Most Turkish residential homes still follow Byzantine architectures in which their style of interior design can better complement the exterior.

Dominated with arching hall openings, columns, and pillars, the Byzantine interior retains its form that matches today’s aesthetics. Byzantine interiors are also fond of the signature mosaic designs and patterned tiles and orange to the reddish palette.

Getting accustomed to this region-specific aesthetic can be a daunting task for beginners. Luckily, online interior design courses will better help interested learners in decorating.


Unrelated to the ambiance, Turkish homes are currently adopting the bohemian style in their interiors because of their similar interests in patterns. Both bohemian and traditional Turkish styles employ rugs, carpets, and textile products with patterned adorations.

Experts of interior design characterize bohemian as a carefree, creative style. Some even say it as freestyle. Indeed bohemian styles often portray an interior with a relaxed ambiance, neutral space, and an earthy palette. Bohemian also has wooden furniture and rattan decorations further to compliment the earth-toned textures and colors of the design. The presence of wood alone makes the bohemian style a worthy investment because wood alone in Turkish homes is a luxury.


The Mediterranean style is another interior aesthetic that has stood the test of time in the Turkish design industry. Although its origin first existed in Southern Europe, Mediterranean culture had long been part of Turkey, especially in its coastal regions.

The Mediterranean interior design identifies itself with neutral white backgrounds, cushioned pieces of furniture, and amazing woodwork on supporting beams. Open space is also a common theme with this specific aesthetic, which is rather relaxing for the eyes for the lack of clutters. Further supporting the ambiance of relaxation and warmth, Mediterranean fabrics, especially curtains, are often way too thin—sometimes translucent enough for light to pass through.


As more and more designers embrace global designs and western designs, Turkish homeowners are finally favoring contemporary interior styles. Often miscategorized with “Modern interior design”, recent houses are now adapting the modern design to the contemporary architecture.

Room aesthetic designs, like contemporary designs, bring freshness to the aesthetic. When masterfully executed, contemporary designs are crisp aesthetics because of how impactful line subtlety is to the overall make. Blessed with slick means of using art elements, the modern design utilizes neutral colors as its base and then bold ones in specific decors. This makes objects pop and stands out, furthering the bright emphasis on them.


Nothing can go wrong with a minimalist type of interior design. The idea of simplicity as an art style had transpired much after the art deco movement in the 20th century. But to get the concept of minimalism in interior designing, there are a few key takeaways in attaining such style. Less will always be more, be it in decorations, colors, and even texture. Instead of colors and textures, subtle lines should accentuate the blandness of the room.

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