5 Tips to Increase the Resale Value of Your Car

New cars are hitting the market every day. Yet, even though they cost thousands of dollars a piece, some people do not seem to care about their resale value. What should you look into to increase its value?

Even though the average price of cars has dropped over time, the resale value remains high due to increased interest from potential buyers.

Renewing the vehicle’s appearance is one of the tips to sell any car in Dubai at an excellent price.

There are several things to boost the resale value of a vehicle. So, let us talk about them.

  1. Keeping It Running Smoothly

 Regular servicing is essential to keep your car in peak condition. It makes it look and run better too.

Service centers don’t just change the oil every few months; they keep track of your mileage, check out your tire pressure, and rotating fluids, replace O rings, inspect brakes and suspension components, provide alignment services, and perform other routine checks.

All this helps ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly, minimizing downtime due to breakdowns.

Taking your car to the garage will help prolong its life. Make sure you perform regular checkups to maintain optimum performance levels. If your car requires repairs, find out about them before they happen.

You can regularly change all the necessary parts like the oil filter, air filter, and engine oil. Also, you can replace the AC filter, battery charger, and spark plugs while servicing your car.

 Tinting Windows

Motorists tint their windows to block the sunlight, reduce the hot climate, protect the interior from the ultraviolet rays, and enjoy privacy while driving.

Moreover, Tinted windows add an aesthetic touch to the vehicle and add a sense of luxury.

There are two types of window tints. The first type is the Low Emissivity (or Low E) film which has high reflectance and low emittance properties. It preserves the temperature inside the car by reflecting infrared radiation into the air around the cabin.

The second type of tint film is called Polarized for glare protection. It allows light to pass through but reflects polarized light towards the driver. Both films are available in several different shades.

  1. Fixing Dents and Scratches

 Having dents and scratches on your vehicle is normal when you live in a big city and drive in traffic jams. However, these dents and scratches may affect the resale value of your vehicle. Thus, repair dents and scratches on your automobile before you sell it.

Fixing dents and scratches is not costly but has a great effect on the resale value. You can fix small dents by yourself, while you need an authorized service center for big ones.

  1. Changing Tires

 Cars with distinctive tires that fit the vehicle’s exterior shape are always attractive. If your tires are new, you just have to keep them clean and free of cracks. When you notice signs of tire ruptures, you should replace them.

If you want to avoid the expenses of changing tires, pay attention to your driving style. If you stay away from bad driving habits (and bumping into sidewalks when parking), it may not be necessary to change your car tires often.

  1. Seat Covers

Car seats play a big role in car value. Seats with stains that look worn and damaged affect the value of the car. If your car seats are made of fabric and not leather, they are more susceptible to dirt and stains. You can either renew the seat fabric or install a seat cover.

Covers protect seats from damage and maintain their basic color, as the sun’s rays lead to a color change and a decrease in their quality.

The regular care of your car makes it attractive to potential buyers. However, cleaning alone will not increase the car valuation in Dubai.

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