5 Tips for Choosing your Property In The Mountains

Buying a property in the mountains is often a dream but also an investment. To make this investment a success, a few tips are in order. Follow the high mountain shopping guide. One of the first criteria for making a good investment is altitude. Indeed, the phenomenon of global warming generates and will generate less snowy winters. In addition, it would be annoying to find that your property in the mountains no longer knows snow if your goal is to enjoy winter sports. The most Cartesian solution therefore consists of selecting advertisements for properties located at an altitude of at least 1,700 meters. Therefore, prefer the Alps to other mountain ranges, less snowy. To be sure you can enjoy skiing, sledding or snowboarding, check that the resort is equipped with snow cannons to compensate for periods of low snowfall.


Do you want to buy a luxury chalet? Wear your choice on a station renowned throughout the world. The reputation of these resorts ensures you a profitable investment. In the sense that the properties there are in high demand: an undeniable asset for resale. Note that you will be the first to enjoy these large and beautiful resorts, their gourmet restaurants and their luxury boutiques.

By considering buying accommodation in the mountains through real estate agents, you probably hope to be able to hit the slopes of the resort several times a year. To avoid the risk of getting bored, it is better to invest in a property that is located within a vast ski area. Among the winners of the largest areas. In addition to the location of the property, it is also necessary to inquire about its characteristics. You will find prestigious apartments at the foot of the slopes with very different surfaces. If you want to invite relatives regularly, plan a large living space and several bedrooms. However, remember that in addition to the purchase cost, your property tax, your charges and your maintenance costs will also be higher.

The pleasures of the mountains are not available only in winter. Hiking, cannoning, mountaineering, mountain biking. The summer activities are more varied, and allow you to appreciate the majestic landscapes of altitude in a different way. Also, choose a property placed in a resort that offers events and activities during the summer months. This is the advantage of owning a property in the mountains: enjoying it in all seasons.

The first will be to buy real estate in the mountains in order to have fun, to invite friends over and therefore to occupy the apartment or chalet yourself for part of the year. The second most common motivation is to acquire real estate to rent out and thus earn rental income throughout the year or seasonally. Knowing clearly, what you expect from this purchase will allow you better lucidity and greater efficiency throughout the duration of your project.

Indeed, the presence of green spaces or quick access to the ski slopes can have a positive impact on living well within the property and therefore allow better profitability. On the contrary, possible noise pollution or the presence of roads, bars and nightclubs in the vicinity can represent a real problem if you wish to rent a property or occupy it yourself. In the same way, it is also interesting to observe the accessibility of the station and in particular the state of the roads or even the possible construction and renovation work in progress in the station.

Moreover, it is important to have a broad and far-reaching vision concerning the evolution of ski resorts in the coming decades. Indeed, global warming will have a strong impact on winter activities due to a much lower mass of snow in 50 years than today. This meteorological fact must be taken into account and obliges us to show anticipation for the years to come. The purchase of a property in the mountains can therefore be an interesting opportunity for people wishing to take advantage of the mountains while renting their property during their absence.



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