5 Things You Should Know Before Vaping CBD Oil

Vaping is becoming a part of the lives of teens and youths. When it comes to vaping CBD oil, it has multiple therapeutic and recreational benefits. Any person suffering from anxiety, pain, inflammation, epilepsy, depressions, etc., may resort to vaping cannabidiol oil. It is different from the traditional hemp seed oil as it is made for the purpose of vaping and hence reduces the possible side effects of direct vaping from the oil.

There are many technical and general things associated with the use of CBD vape oil. Hence, persons planning to use CBD oil must know the do’s and don’ts well advance in time to get the best out of its use. So, here are the top five things that you should know before starting to vape CBD oil.

1. CBD types suitable for vaping:

First things first, not all CBD types are suitable for vaping. Hence, before even planning to start, it is crucial to find the perfect CBD vape oil. The main three options include high CBD strains, CBD cartridges, and CBD vape juice.

  • High CBD Strains: These contain CBD extracted from the flower of the plant and other strains that are rich in CBD content. It may contain 150mg to 250mg CBD per gram per flower and can be vaped in a normal weed vaporizer. It is also available in the pre-roll form.
  • CBD cartridges: It comes as a slim disposable e-cig tank that is filled with CBD e-juice. This can be pure CBD distillate, one made with CO2, or can be a solvent-based CBD. These cartridges connect easily to the standard 510 battery and are easy alternatives for vaping CBD.
  • CBD vape juice: The CBD vape oil is not oil in an actual sense due to the increased side-effects for any oil for vaporization. Hence, you must refrain from using cannabinoids, terpenes, CBD extract, VG, PG, etc., that are not fit for vaping CBD. The best types are e-juice, e-liquid, vape juice, etc.

2. Dosage of CBD oil:

Once the type of CBD vape oil is decided, it all comes down to the dosage of the oil. There is no one-size-fits-all dosage in CBD vape oils due to the difference in the individual’s metabolism and endocannabinoid systems.

Any CBD vape cartridge having 100mg of CBD can deliver 1-3mg CBD with a single puff. The simple process to increase this amount is to inhale large puffs according to your requirements. However, it is always recommended to start on a low dosage and then go for the large dosages according to your body responses.

3. Government regulations on the use of CBD oil:

The government has put restrictions on the use of cannabis and CBD based on legal use, medical use, CBD use only and has kept it illegal at a few locations. All these details are available from FDA and hence should be considered before vaping CBD oil.

4. Lab tests on CBD oil:

There are many brands that are marketing CBD vape oils without running any quality checks or tests on their products. Hence, while purchasing CBD vape oil, it is recommended to go for the ISO certifications or other third-party quality test certifications on the products.

5. Other safety instructions:

Many users are confused and often think that vaping CBD oil will make them high. However, it is not true as the high-quality CBD oil doesn’t contain marijuana that contains THC that makes a person high.

Wrapping Up:

Vaping is unarguably the best method to take CBD oil at reduced side effects. All you need to do is find the right type of CBD that is ideal for vaping and use it in the right amounts for optimizing its benefits. You must know about the regional government regulations to prevent any non-adherence to the rules. Further, it is recommended to always go for the CBD vape oil brands that are established and pass their products from strict lab tests. Once you’re clear with all these points, you can quickly start vaping CBD oil.

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