4 Ways to Real-Time Service Excellence with the Cloud

Consumers are interacting with businesses in very different ways, as they used to. With our plethora of mobile devices and channels, customers are expected to connect with us from anywhere anytime using phone, email, live chat, social media or web-based apps. Cloud technology has helped meet these demands by improving the internal network capacity and business productivity by enhancing the user experience through customer service.  Organizations that are ready to meet the needs of their customers will give them a real reason to remain loyal.

                     Here are some ways that the cloud can facilitate real-time service excellence.

Web-based customer service

Our customers seek 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They do not expect to wait until Monday to get an answer to a question or to solve a problem. A conversation with a live agent can cost $ 6-12 per conversation, while an automated conversation can cost 25 cents.

The cloud has enabled customers to solve their problems with real-time servicing on-demand. It has been proven that most customers prefer self-service and the faster an issue is resolved, the more positively they will respect the company.For issues that self-service cannot solve, the cloud can help the customer take advantage of live help, via interactive chat, without initiating a phone call or waiting for an email.

Personal customer experience

Through real-time analysis of customer behavior and interests, organizations can develop individual customer experiences that are tailored to each consumer. Individual customer experiences are able to engage customers at a unique level and therefore drive more conversions when it comes to sales. They provide a more relevant user experience to the customer and promote social sharing and memorable branding. A personalized customer experience can be customized by platforms from personal computers to mobile devices to streamline the user experience.

Social engagement and outreach

Modern consumers are increasingly engaging with brands through social media. Through cloud-based analytics and platforms, companies can achieve improved levels of customer support and service. Social engagement gives organizations the opportunity to engage with their customers in a highly visual context, increase brand awareness, and improve their reputation. Cloud-based social media engagement systems and customer relationship solutions can be used to better track the relationship a person has with a brand, in addition to creating significant brand insights that engage customers Huh.

Integrated Case Management

Consolidated case management solutions create a one-in-one management platform for client interaction. Employees can access the cloud to view the history of any customer, even from anywhere – and they can use this knowledge to provide better real-time support. Other use cases include a tracking mechanism through which tickets can be identified if they are outstanding, and analytical services that may be the most common issues facing customers.

Modern Customer Service Cloud and Expert Integration

Cloud technology can significantly impact your customer service delivery at every level of your organization.  you to deliver services where your This is what customers need most.

Cloud introduces real sharing

Workflows of the past were inefficient and highly deterministic. The cloud has enabled efficiency and scalability in accessing, sharing and collaborating documents between employees, consultants and clients. Part of the need for modern collaboration is 24/7 access to business-critical information to remain competitive and cloud is key to doing so.

Oracle Document Services also enables content collaboration instances to secure sensitive customer content while providing improved version management, content separation, and document accuracy.

Cloud Services Drive Collaboration

Cloud solutions such as Oracle Documents Cloud Service are also advancing enterprise collaboration, allowing not only better teamwork through document sharing across devices, but also ensuring compliance with Finara, Hippa and other regulations. For industries such as healthcare, finance, and government, this means they easily overcome regulatory barriers to take full advantage of cloud collaboration.

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