4 Things You Should Change to Age Gracefully

Many people fear the aging process and choose to ignore the changes it brings. Unfortunately, refusing to alter your lifestyle as you age will only make aging harder. Getting older is inevitable, but having the flexibility to change some components of your life as you go will help you do it healthfully and gracefully.


A healthy diet is important at any stage of life, but there are some special considerations of nutrition by age. If you are less active in your older years, you may need to adjust your calorie intake to compensate. Conversely, you will need more nutrients to fuel your body, so adopting a diet that is nutrient-dense while remaining low in calories is important.

Focus on fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood and a moderate amount of healthy grains. A popular diet that includes all of these components is the Mediterranean Diet. Doctors often recommend this diet to patients of all ages.

Fitness Routine

Fitness becomes more crucial as you age. Keeping the muscles toned and the joints flexible will help mitigate some issues that tend to occur with age. The experts at seniorlifestyle.com point out that exercise can help with overall health, balance issues and declining energy reserves. If you have never adopted a fitness routine, now is the time to do so. If you already have a routine, it may be time to tweak it.

Focus on forms of exercise that are gentle on joints and increase flexibility and strength. Swimming is an excellent choice, as is any fitness routine that takes place in the water. Resistance bands or bodyweight exercises are good for building strength. Forms of moving meditation such as chair yoga or tai chi can help with balance issues and flexibility. Seniors can also struggle with isolation, so exercising in a group is preferable if possible, but many of these fitness routines can be done at home.


There is no age-appropriate way to style your hair. Men and women alike should feel free to wear their hair any way they prefer; however, your hairstyle can have a significant effect on how old you appear. If this is of concern to you, you may want to alter your hairstyle as you get older.

Hair tends to thin as you age, so focus on styles that increase volume. These styles are often shorter, layered ones since the weight of long hair can pull your strands flat. Look at styles that frame the face as well. Shorter styles with layers can be almost as good as a facelift. Whatever style you choose, add some moisturizing elements to your hair-care routine. Just as the skin gets dry with age, so does your hair.

Personal Style

As with your hairstyle, you should feel free to dress in any way you prefer. But there are some tips that can turn your wardrobe into an age-defying ally.

Put your focus on accentuating your best assets and minimizing things that make you look older. For ladies, look at the cut of your blouses. A plunging neckline can reveal signs of aging you might prefer not to display. Crewnecks or squared necklines might be preferable. The same ideology applies to your hemlines. If you’ve been blessed with legs that have aged well, by all means continue to display them proudly. If not, knee-length skirts both display the best of your legs while making you look a bit taller.

Regardless of style, consider embracing richer and brighter colors than you have before. Bold colors are youthful and they brighten your skin tone. You can also bring more color into your makeup routine with more vibrant lipstick shades.

The best way to age well is to stop pretending that you’re not aging at all. Every stage of life has its specific needs. Give your body the nutrition and exercise that will help it function at its best. Make choices in your personal styling that bring you joy and highlight your best features. Getting older can be beautiful.

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