15 Practical Tips on How to get YouTube views free?

Only 9% of small businesses use YouTube. It’s your time to take advantage of it! If you have got created the choice to open your YouTube channel, it’s time to spice up it. For what reason would you upload a video that you don’t want people to see? Exactly! Nobody would. Therefore, we will tell you in 15 simple tips how to get YouTube views free.

1. Content that you contribute.

Contrary to what you think that, the common time that folks pay looks YouTube videos from their mobile is forty minutes. Do not you believe it? It is true! People have chosen to put the full value of content, no matter how much time they have to invest. Though it’ll most likely take time to scan, you’ll as a result of it’ll add heaps to your data regarding a way to position a video on YouTube.

2. A headline that will turn heads.

get YouTube views free

How to get YouTube views free (tips), the first thing that will attract the attention of users will be the title you choose. Be sure that they will consistently see the one with the most prominent title of all. You can take as an example the newscasts or entertainment magazines, since they always achieve striking and original titles.

Do not be moderate, you can use several words. Contrary to what you think, doing so will give you an advantage over your competition. Why? Because by including more words in your title, you will rank more keywords.

3. A good description will make you go viral.

You can have a great video on your channel, however, its chance of having views without description is negligible. Most people like to peruse a decent survey of what they will see, prior to wasting 3 minutes of their precious time on a video. Also, include 2 to 4 times your keyword to improve the performance of positioning your video. Your description must contain combinations of words so that the platform shows you when users search for certain topics.

4. Your image will speak a thousand words.

get YouTube views free

So is! The saying is true, even online. Incorporate as a feature of your YouTube system a decent choice for the thumbnail image that comes out as a preview of your YouTube video. This will make users click on it and increase YouTube views for free.

 5. Interact with other Youtubers to get more views.

Such as any social community, it is suggested that you have cooperation with different channels to make yourself distinguish. Pick up channels that have a decent number of views and leave a remark with the link to probably the best video. You’ll notice how the more number of viewers you will gain!

I recommend you do it, without abusing it. Try to do it from time to time and periodically. Take extra care that your comment with a link contributes to the video you are watching, so you will avoid letting yourself be seen as desperate to increase views on YouTube.

6. Cross-media and SEO.

While producing an effective digital marketing strategy, it is mandatory to examine cross media. YouTube is no special case. Share your videos on other social media platforms and pull in your viewers for free.

Keep in mind that the content inside the web is boundless, so you should jump out somehow or another. Carrying out a decent web situating strategy inside the links will be your best choice.

7. Post frequently.

Grab benefit from your mobile phones and cameras that record in high quality to make short recordings that don’t surpass 3 minutes long. It has been demonstrated that after this time the consideration of the clients decreases.

 You can make videos with a particular theme such as: “cook in 3 minutes”, “Smartphone functionalities”, humorous segments or simply sing a song. Also, you could give it a commercial spin and post tutorial videos about the products and services you offer.

The issue of frequency and number of videos is key to generating subscribers on the channel. Set a goal and plan the content. For example, you can plan the launch of a video per week, every 15 days, monthly, etc. It is necessary that you don’t fail to achieve this goal. Consistency is the key.

8. Create an effective profile for your channel

get YouTube views free

Customize the channel. Put the links of your blog or website, social Medias. Add an avatar and cover photo to it. Be yourself. Customizing the channel is important to make a good impression on those who come to your videos.

Keep in mind that you can feature the video that you might want to see more so the visitors are enticed to watch it.

9. Encourage your community

As you do on other social networks, you can encourage the community to leave their comments by asking a closing question in the videos that appeal directly to the viewer. Or again you can start a trademark (slogan) for different clients to give a video reaction. The quantity of views and comments and the recurrence with which you start the videos directly affect the rating of your YouTube videos. And it surely helps you to get YouTube views free.

10. List and link other videos.

YouTube allows annotations of links to other videos. Use them to generate more views on your videos. Moreover, you can make a list and add all videos of a similar subject. In this way, every time a video of yours is finished, another one will be played automatically. This option is ideal for those who want to dabble in the format of novels, series or chapters on YouTube.

How to create a list on YouTube?

Very easy.

  1. Click the “Add to” button for the videos you want to list.
  2. Enter the name of the new playlist.
  3. Click on create list

Then all the videos that you want to add to that list you just have to check the name of the list you have created.

How to create annotations on YouTube?

  1. Go to the channel’s video manager.
  2. Next to the video you want to edit, click the down arrow to the right of the “Edit” button and select annotations.
  3. Click the Add Annotation button on the right.
  4. Clicks publish when you’re done creating your annotations.

Make sure to use tags to every one of the videos with the goal that it shows up in the YouTube web index when somebody looks for content like the one you offer.

11. Spread by sharing on blogs, social networks, and sending emails.

How to get YouTube views free

Note: YouTube permits you to share your videos to other social Medias take benefit of it! And get more views on your YouTube videos.

It is a good way to get new subscribers. Websites additionally permit you to embed YouTube links. If you have a website or blog, don’t stop for a second to share your new varying media activity through this space.

Sending emails is still very effective. Don’t rule it out. Send it to all your contacts. You just have to click on share button and you will see different social media icons and copy link option as well.

12. Link building and video-responses.

Drop the link of your video in the comment section of different videos with comparative attributes. Additionally, it attempts to leave video-reactions to the videos of viewers who have numerous perspectives on their channel with content identified with what they are creating. Put the link of your video on blogs and websites that discuss about the subject that you have created in your video.

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According to Google Support, there are unacceptable practices for YouTube, which we recommend you take into account, check this extract:

The methods that are not allowed to increase views on YouTube videos.

Services that attempt to increase the number of views in an automated way or that mislead viewers into watching a video in any way are not acceptable. This can include the following:

  • buy views  of external websites (for example, pay US $ 10 in exchange for 10,000 views);
  • Fake plans on outsider sites that can fool viewers into playing a video by clicking on components of the page that are not identified with one another;
  • Distribute hidden windows – another window that opens underneath the current window;
  • Redirect occurs when the URL changes and redirects someone to another website or page by Clicking on a link.

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